In early days of ZeroDash1, I started a tradition of sending out an email titled “Whereabouts” to let everybody else in the company know where we are going to be. With small size and flexibility to work from home, client site etc. made it difficult for people to know where others were and this email was a way for us to notify other team member about their whereabouts (it was our version of Twitter).

Well anyway, I have not written a blog post in pat 2 weeks so I think I owe you all an explanation of what happened and my whereabouts.

New addition to the family

We had a baby boy on September 3rd, his name is Neel. We were mostly busy with shopping for him before birth and then getting used his eating, sleeping and pooping patterns. Life has been hectic. At times it feel painful to get up in 2-4 times in the night when he starts crying, but as soon as we look at his innocent face all the pain goes away and he becomes our top priority. Finally I think (and people warn me that I am wrong) we have figured out his pattern and I will be back to my normal working schedule.

Internet Marketing Conference

Yesterday I made a day trip to Vancouver, Canada to speak at Internet Marketing Conference. The topic of my session was “Monitoring Website Performance”. In this session, I discussed what Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are, how they’re defined, what the difference between a KPI and a metric is (web analytics tool provide you lot of metrics, not all of them are KPIs), and how to effectively present KPIs.

You can read the recap of the presentation at


Source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/miss604/2848559853/

2 Replies to “Whereabouts”

  1. Anil:

    First time I leave a comment but am a big fan of your blog 🙂

    Congratulations on the new member of your family!!!! You’ll have lots of fun from now on 🙂

    Keep up the great job.

    Un abrazo

  2. Hi Anil,

    Just wanted to stop by and say congratulations on your new baby. It an amazing journey that makes every day interesting! I know it sounds cliche, but they do grow up fast!

    Now you’re officially in the Late Night Bloggers club.


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