Web Analytics Job Market is Hotter than Ever

Here is the latest update on “Web Analytics” jobs.
This snapshot was taken on June 1st. from Indeed.com and SimplyHired.com. Both of these sites are job aggregators that collect open job positions from individual company sites and from job boards such as HotJobs.com. SimplyHired.com also provides job boards called job-a-matic, like the Job Board I have on my blog. These job boards allow individual bloggers or site owners to quickly create a job board specific to their site’s content.
Like last month, Indeed.com has more jobs listed than simply hired.

Note Month in the above graph represents the month when the data was gathered.

Both indeed.com and simplyhired.com show an upward trend in open positions. Web Analytics jobs listed on indeed.com are up 16.16% from last month. On Simplyhired.com open jobs are up 5.71% from last month.
“Web Analytics” jobs listed on indeed.com are up 95.90% from Jan 1st numbers. Yes 95%, supply of web analyst is far exceeding the demand; it is a very very hot market for “Web Analytics” jobs.

Which tool experience is in demand?

Open Job Positions on indeed.com and simplyhired.com for various web analytics tools.

3 month comparison of open job positions for various web analytics tools based on indeed.com data.

Key Findings

  1. WebTrends experience is in most demand. Till last month (May 1st snapshot) Omniture was the most demanded tool experience followed by Webtrends.
  2. Webtrends related jobs are significantly up compared to last month.
  3. WebTrends related jobs are 12% higher than Omniture related jobs. Last month Omniture was in lead.
  4. Visual Sciences showed a big jump in open positions, around 140 compared to 1 last month.
  5. Open jobs related to other tools (except Omniture, WebTrends, Visual Sciences) remained about at the same levels as last month.

I expected “Google Analytics” jobs to go up considering all the press coverage V2 of Google Analytics got. Even though Eric’s Vendor discovery tool reported that 25% of the urls tracked via this tool had Google Analytics , I am not seeing a lot of commitment in terms of hiring analysts to work on the data these companies will gather from Google Analytics. I guess companies have heard about Avinash’s 10/90 Rule and are saying “Hey I spent $0 on the tool so I guess I have to spend 9 times that on people so which is 9*$0 = $0). (Hint to the companies: Read the full article)

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