WAA Base Camp on Online Marketing Campaign Measurement.

Next Monday (8/20) I will be in Boston giving the WAA Base Camp workshop on Online Marketing Campaign Measurement.

This workshop will cover the following topics:

The Wide Variety of Metrics
Impressions, clickthroughs and pageviews are just the beginning. True campaign success requires delving into depth, duration and engagement.

Campaign Optimization Terminology
After this workshop, you’ll be able to speak knowledgeably about Pay Per Click vs. Pay Per Action, Single Page Defection, and Keyword Cost Per Click Analysis. A deep understanding of the language will give you the ability to better manage your team and your advertising partners.

Click Fraud Detection
Money spent on deceit is wasteful and aggravating, but when erroneous results are fed back into the optimization process, advertising optimization is reversed. This workshop will prepare you for the click fraud arms race.

How To Manage Email Marketing
Sendability metrics, open ratios and pass-along metrics are the tools of the trade. The more you know, the more effective your campaigns can be.

Measuring Rich Media
Animated gifs started it all. Now, we live in a world of social networking, dynamic data and streaming promotions. Got metrics? You will.

Learn more about this workshop at http://www.emetrics.org/waabasecamp/coursedetails.php?course=campaign#campaign

If you are in Boston and would like to meet for drinks on Saturday (8/18), email me at batraonline at gmail.com

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