Tracking TV Campaigns on Google AdWords using Google Analytics

Today Google announced, that the advertisers who run TV Campaigns via Google AdWords can track the online impact of those TV ads using Google Analytics.
According to Google AdWords blog, you can track website metrics, such as visits, conversion rates and revenue, alongside metrics from your TV Ads campaigns such as:

  • Impressions delivered
  • Number of ad plays
  • Cost
  • CPM paid
  • Impression Delivered is Total impressions delivered — an impression is defined as an active television that is tuned to and displays your commercial for 2 seconds or more.
  • Number of Ad plays – I am not sure what this means but this probably refers to total number of active televisions that viewed the entire ad. I will provide more information as I get more detials.
  • Cost is the total cost that was paid for the campaign
  • CPM is the cost per thousand impressions delivered

So now you can start to see online, radio and TV ads all in the same reporting. Pretty cool!!

Here is a screen shot of the report that you will get.

2 Replies to “Tracking TV Campaigns on Google AdWords using Google Analytics”

  1. I’m really curious to hear about how much tooling they will include for creating the TV content. Normal Adwords ads have a little wizard construction tool, and so do print ads… will they recommend producers, upconvert youtube?

  2. It’s really nice to know that advertisers who run TV campaigns via Google AdWords can keep track on their TV advertisements by making use of Google Analytics tool. This information would be useful for the readers, thanks for sharing.

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