Things I have been working on

There has been a lag in my blog posting lately, and it’s gone on longer than I like. Lately, things have been hectic at work leaving very little time for blogging. Any time left has been consumed the following activities:

  1. Working on my Site,

    1. Ask an expert – I started a section for you to ask questions on Web Analytics, Behavioral Targeting and Web Analytics tools, particularly Omniture, WebTrends and Google Analytics. The questions will be answered by one of the people who have volunteered, one of my team members at Ascentium or me personally. So if you have a question please go ahead and fill out the form and someone will get back to you within 48 hours. If you would like to be one of the experts please email me a brief description about your skills and experience.
    2. Twitter – Google Analytics URL Builder – Nothing fancy here but a tool that allows you to create short URLs that you can post in Twitter and track them in your Google Analytics. It allows you to create short URLs for both your internal links (links to you own site) and external links (links that reside outside your site).
    3. Calculators – I am working on some basic and advanced calculators related to Web Analytics and Online Marketing. So far I have added a CPM, CPC, and CPA calculator (will be adding few more optional fields to it). More calculators will be added to this one. If you have suggestions on what calculators I should add then please send them to me.
  2. Industry Average Bounce Rates – I conducted a survey to understand what Bounce Rates to expect for various types of sites. I added a pdf that shows the results of this survey.
  3. Google Analytics Session for Seattle Tech Startup Group – I, along with Loren Bast, conducted a Google Analytics training session for the Tech Startup community of Seattle. Download the Seattle Tech Startup Google Analytics Presentation.
  4. Future of Web Analytics Panel at SDMA – I have been busy putting together a panel for the Seattle Direct Marketing Association to be held on March 11.
  5. Preparing for Breakfast Event in San Francisco – Gary Angel, Akin Arikan and I will be speaking at a breakfast event in San Francisco on March 9th. You can find more information and registration on my site.
  6. Neel – Neel is the name of my 5.5 month old son. He is growing and getting more and more active every day and needs more of my time.

I expect to resume my blog writing schedule very soon.

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  1. Hi Anil,

    Thanks for presentation, In presentation you gave all kind things which are useful for basic to advanced level tracking.

    I like Ecommerce tracking which some what i didn’t aware of it.

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