Ten Simple Strategies for Using Web Analytics to Improve Your Online Marketing Efforts

As most of you know that capturing, analyzing, and interpreting campaign and website data is often a significant challenge. Vast amounts of data, disparate information sources, and confusing analytical tools are only a few of the obstacles between managers and actionable business insights.
To help you overcome these obstacles, Eric T. Peterson, author of the best-selling book Web Analytics Demystified and host of the popular blog Web Analytics Demystified, will be hosting an American Marketing Association (AMA) On-Demand webcast titled “Ten Simple Strategies for Using Web Analytics to Improve Your Online Marketing Efforts” this Tuesday, March 6th.
The main focus of this webcast will be to teach ten simple but proven strategies that marketers can use to leverage web analytics and improve their online success. It will also address a number of more advanced topics, including analytic challenges related to social media, rich Internet applications, blogs, and podcasts.

If, one or more of the following are your responsibility then this webcast is for you:
• “Marketing”
• eCommerce website
• Online marketing
• Web analytics
• Reporting and analysis
• Advertising
• Marketing operations
• Marketing strategy
• Marketing planning
• Marketing budgeting
• Website development and administration
Register for this FREE webcast at http://www.marketingpower.com/webcast332.php

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