Part II Web Analytics Predictions for 2007- Follow up

In January I wrote my web analytics predictions for 2007. I wrote about the current status of two of my predictions in my previous post

In this post I will cover another of my predictions, prediction number 1:

A Great Career Field– There will be a lot more jobs in this field in 2007. A great year for those who are planning to enter this field or looking to move into better jobs in this field. Most marketing jobs will have web analytics as a requirement. Currently there are 1024 open job on but I expect this number to rise as there will lot more openings than qualified candidates.

Today I checked and found that there are 1711 jobs listed under “Web Analytics”. This is a jump of 67% just in a month. I declare that my 1st prediction has also come true. Stay tuned for an update every month.

How about a little prediction game? Send me you prediction on how many jobs there will be on March 1st.

Note: Jan numbers were taken on 7th Jan, Feb numbers were taken on Feb 8th. I plan to take these numbers on 1st of every month.

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