Omniture makes the right move With Omniture Genesis

Omniture has partnered with various companies in the industry to take web analytics to next level. These partnerships will allow Omniture’s customers to easily integrate different marketing applications and truly help them move toward actionable web analytics. Visit to download whitepapers.
One of the short coming of Web Analytics tools (and various marketing applications) is their inability to provide a complete view of all their marketing efforts and provide a way to take actions on their visitor’s behavioral data and help optimize user’s experience. To get a 360 view of your visitors you had to do a lot plumbing and even that did not provide you the full view as each system provided different numbers for same data points. This plug-and-play interface promises that marketers will be able to easily integrate between marketing applications.

I expect to see other web analytics tool providers either getting into similar partnerships or making some acquisition. This is the future of Web Analytics. Web Analytics is not complete if you can’t fully understand various factors that drive traffic, understand what visitors do when they arrive on the site, segment these users based on their behaviors, demographics etc and then take action i.e. provide content, products and experience that is relevant for your segments. These partnerships will allow marketers to get closer to 1:1 marketing.

This is a good start, now we will have to wait and see how Omniture delivers on this promise. I would love to hear your views and experiences.

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