NebuAd’s response to my blog post

In response to my post on ISP based Behavioral Targeting, I got the following response from NebuAd:

Below are a couple of quick points from NebuAd’s CEO Bob Dykes to explain and clarify some of the information.

There is no information shard between NebuAd and the ISPs – the only involvement between the two is the agreement that lets NebuAd place the appliance in the ISPs network. To further ensure privacy, NebuAd does not collect the websites visited and map those back to the specific user. Instead it converts, via an appliance located in the ISPs network, the key user identifiers, such as IP addresses, to a one way random number so that the central servers see this and not the original identifier.

NebuAd works by listing categories (e.g. “Cars – SUV – Lexus”) and noting if random number goes to a site, or perform a search, that is related to the category. If yes, then it notes that interest mapped to the random number, but do not map the URL’s visited, just the interest. This is why, since it doesn’t even have the info on sites visited, there’s no mechanism to map the random number to specific URLs
Since NebuAd and the partner ISPs do not exchange data, the ISPs do not see the categories each random number visits, and NebuAd does not receive specific customer information, so there is no way for either NebuAd or the ISPs to match specific customer information with even the categories of information associated with the randomized numbers. NebuAd also does not retain the raw data mapped back to the anonymous user profiles.

They have not yet provided any response to the following point that I made in my previous post:

It is also not clear to me if the ISPs will work with individual publishers or networks and provide behavioral data to power their ads on publishers inventory or if they will override publishers inventory with their own ads (which will probably cause sudden death of ISP based targeting) or if they will do popups (pop under) creating new inventory. NebuAd does however have a service for publishers where publishers can use their services on their own inventory; however I am not clear how ISPs plan to use it.

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  1. My understanding is that NebuAd:
    — is not sharing data with ad networks or individual publishers.
    — not doing popup or unders.
    — is not doing any ad tag swapping.

    What they’re doing is either buying publisher inventory outright (and making money on the lift) or doing a rev share.

    Since they have 7 former *senior* people from Claria/Gator, I suspect they’re taking a similar approach to the market.

    Jordan Mitchell

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