NebuAd’s response to my blog post Part II

In response to my post on ISP based Behavioral Targeting, I got 2 response from NebuAd, one of them was posted at The latest response is for one of the issue that was not answered in previous response:

The ISPs are completely passive in NebuAd’s model. In addition, there is no pop under, and the ads NebuAd sells to do not take over the publisher’s inventory. More specifically, NebuAd’s technology does not include any type of overlays that affect publisher content or ad inventory without their knowledge.

Consumers do not see any more ads than they would otherwise see, and they are standard ad types, such as banners ads displayed only where you would expect to see them. The use of pop-ups and pop unders remains a publisher decision. With NebuAd’s solution, the ISP role is completely passive. They merely allow NebuAd’s equipment to reside on their network and are not involved in the advertising process. No data is shared between the ISP’s data systems and NebuAd’s data systems

NebuAd purchases online display inventory from publishers, mainly through leading ad networks. Targeted advertising that the consumer sees is placed there on the ad inventory that the publishers regularly sell to ad networks. These ad networks work with NebuAd to identify and deliver the right ad for the right user, allowing for the publisher to get a higher price from the advertisers who want the targeting. NebuAd’s revenue is generated by advertising sales during this process – the ISPs do not sell any of the advertising.

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