My Conversation with WebTrends CEO Alex Yoder at Engage Conference

I had an opportunity to sit down with Alex Yoder yesterday and this morning to discuss where WebTrends is heading, the future of web analytics and what do we need to do to make Web Analytics industry successful. (Both of us are running for the Web Analytics Association board and if you have not voted yet then please do vote for both of us. Yes you can vote for both of us. I am supporting his nomination.)

Below is the video of my conversation with him this morning, this conversation was focused around his main message in his keynote speech. This video is for all those who could not attend the conference. I have also interviewed several other executives from WebTrends, those videos will be available soon.

Have a question for Alex? Post it here or ask him on twitter at @yodera.

I am running for the WAA Board of Directors position and will appreciate your support and vote. To learn why you should vote for me please view my details at WAA Site. If you have any questions please feel to email me at
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