Live from eMetrics

At eMetrics in San Francisco I got a chance to meet a lot of fellow bloggers
• Avinash Kaushik
• Aurélie Pols
• Chris Gemignani
• Clint Ivy
• Eric Peterson
• Ian Thomas
• Jim Novo
• Judah Phillips
• June Li
• Justin Cutroni
• Matt Jacobs
• René Dechamps
• Robbin Steif
• Scott Baldwin
• Stephane Hamel
• Tracey Murell (she will begin blogging soon)

I met a lot of them for the first time, we had exchanged emails or talked over the phone in past and it was nice to put a face to the name (Note: Most of pictures of these bloggers you see on their blogs and other sites are old. Disclaimer: My picture is old too, I will be posting a new picture soon). We had a table set aside for bloggers where we all got together over the lunch and talked about blogging and how we can all collectively make our articles and those from yahoo group readily accessible, in one place, for all those who are starting out in this filed (see my articles on Career in Web Analytics for example of types on content).

As most of you already know by now, Eric Peterson announced that he left Visual Sciences to start his own company. When I saw Eric’s badge in the morning (Monday) it did not say “Visual Sciences” so I had a hunch that something like this might be coming but had no idea that he will be announcing it at eMetrics. I would like to congratulate Eric on his new venture and wish him the best.

I will post more about my experience when I return back to Seattle.

6 Replies to “Live from eMetrics”

  1. Yes I will add links to all the bloggers. I was in a hurry to post so had no time to get links for everybody. They will be all updated this evening.


  2. Was great to meet you in person Anil. If I’m ever down Seattle way (or if you come up this way), I’ll be sure to try to connect.

    – Scott Baldwin

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