Google Web History – My Experience

As I wrote two days ago, I took Google Web History for a test drive. Here is what I found

1. Even though I signed for Google Web History on April 23rd, my history went back to April 25 2006. Not sure how that happened, I think it has sometime to do the google personalized search. It had all the searches and the sites I clicked in history dating back to April 25 2006.
2. Google Web History as a spy tool? – I signed on a computer which my wife and I both use. I forgot to signoff from my Google account and my wife started using it. I went back to my personal laptop, signed into my Google account again and started looking at web history. Guess what? I could see what my wife was searching on and the sites she was visiting. Pretty freaky…uh. Maybe you can use google web history to check on what kids are doing online.

Will update if I find anything more interesting.

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