Further Consolidation in Behavioral Targeting

Remember my 2007 prediction about consolidation in Behavioral Targeting space?

In July AOL bought Tacoda , earlier this year Google acquired double click, Microsoft acquire aQuantive and Yahoo acquired RightMedia. The latest is the purchase of BlueLithium by Yahoo. All these acquisitions bring three main things to these companies:

  1. Display advertising capabilities
  2. Reach (Number of user they can reach on the internet)
  3. Behavioral Targeting capabilities

Unlike behavioral-targeting-only networks such as Tacoda and Revenue Science, BlueLithium leverages all major targeting capabilities to produce optimal results.
BlueLithium targets ads based on (source: BlueLithium.com):

  • Behavioral targeting
  • Demographic targeting
  • Contextual targeting (choose from 16 content channels)
  • Geotargeting
  • Zip code
  • Day part
  • Operating system type

So far yahoo has been involved with Behavioral Targeting on their site. With this acquisition yahoo’s display advertising (and behavioral targeting) will extend beyond their own network.

This space is becoming interesting. Like I said earlier this month , It’s a Targeted Targeted Targeted World, you can run but you can’t hide. Behavioral targeting is also coming soon to the TV in your house. (Another company that uses BT is eBay, yes they also are engaged in Behavioral Targeting, you can read about it at Media Post’s Behavioral Insider

Want to talk more about Behavioral Targeting? Come to X Change conference organized by semphonic, I will be leading the huddle on Behavioral Targeting. Can’t make it to the conference but still would like to know how to engage in Behavioral Targeting? Contact me at batraonline at gmail.com.

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