Freelance Webanalytics

I am pleased to announce “Freelance WebAnalytics”, a blog for web analyst seeking freelance work and companies seeking freelance web analysts to help them with small projects.

Why this new blog?

I get occasional emails from readers of my blog who fall in one of the following three categories

  1. Web Analysts who are seeking some more work to make few extra bucks.
  2. People who have read my article Starting a Career in Web Analytics and want to learn about web analytics. These are the people who are willing to work for free so that they can learn.
  3. Those who are looking for some help and don’t have budget to involve a big consulting firm.

The idea of this blog is to bring those people together.
Hope this blog will help.

So if you are looking for freelance work or looking to hire a freelancer please send me your requirements at batraonline at gmail (dot) com and I will post them on the blog.

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