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As you might already know that IndexTools, a web analytics tools that claims to offer 80% of the functionality of omniture, was acquired by Yahoo in April. Within few days after the acquisition, Yahoo announced that it will be giving away the tool for free. 2 months went by but there were no sign of Free IndexTools.

Well, last week Yahoo announced that IndexTools is available for free but it is not freely available yet. At this time, all the new account activations will have to go through existing IndexTools partners. IndexTools is limiting new accounts to ensure they have proper infrastructure and capacity to handle new accounts.

In a letter to their partners, IndexTools wrote:

We here at IndexTools are now pleased to announce that the ‘Add New Account’ function has been reactivated on your partner account, but with some limitations.
Please bear in mind that our current server capacity was based on our original projections according to where IndexTools expected to be in 2008 in regards to volume and revenue. The acquisition by Yahoo! rendered this forecast obsolete. Our number one responsibility is to ensure that our existing partners and clients are not negatively impacted by an oversubscription of accounts on the IndexTools system. These limitations will be reviewed in the coming months.
So, what are these limitations?

  • You will be limited to three projects per client account—should you require more than three please contact your account manager
  • We are limiting the monthly page volume to 20 million page views/month for the immediate future (this limit is per client account); data collection will occur up to that 20 million page view mark, but not beyond
  • You will be able to add 5 accounts within a 30-day period ( based on former invoicing period)
  • Note: all new accounts will be created as Enterprise accounts from this day forward—furthermore, as there are no longer fees there is no longer any need for trial accounts

ZeroDash1 is a partner of IndexTools and that provided me an opportunity to get free accounts. I have implemented the code on one of my customer sites and will be sharing my thoughts about free Y! IndexTools in coming weeks.

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3 Replies to “Free Y! IndexTools”

  1. Sound Interesting, will be looking forward for your review on IndexTool’s features and performance (as compared to Omniture?).


  2. “80% functionarity of Omniture”, sounds like a real catchy marketing slogan. How about scalability, enterprise level support, uptime, performance, consulting services, deployment process, web 2.0 technology support (flash, web services, ajax), and the rest of the important stuff?

  3. “80% of Omniture functionalities” sounds like a marketing sloga. How about scalability, uptime, performance, deployment process, support, consulting, best practices, tracking web 2.0 such as RSS, Web Services, Ajax, Flash, etc. If tool features are all that matters, we’ll all be out of job.

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