Fox Interactive Media (FIM), a division of Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp., has acquired interactive advertising-technology company Strategic Data Corp (SDC).
SDC’s system automatically optimizes the selection of creative for each impression to maximize profitability by combining sophisticated statistical and predictive algorithms, demographic and geographic segmentation, and performance tracking.
SDC’s technology will enable FIM to deliver highly-targeted graphical performance-based advertising on billions of Web pages viewed each day across its growing network. Fox Interactive Media, which includes MySpace, IGN, Direct2Drive,, and more, is one of the most visited networks on the Internet with more than 135 million worldwide unique visitors each month and is the number one most viewed network in the U.S. with over 40 billion pages viewed each month.
SDC has specialized in developing display ad serving and yield-optimization technology that significantly increases the revenue for its clients. SDC’s clients include large ad networks and publishers.

FIM also has a deal with Google to serve text ads. According to FIM, Google deal will continue and SDC acquisition is only for graphical ads.

Having campaign optimization capabilities within the company and the massive amount of data on the advertising they they will be able to built very effective and powerful ad network. As I predicted earlier this year, Optimization and Behavioral Targeting will be become very common and this deal is a step in theat direction, soon I expect to hear Behavioral Targeting related announcements from FIM.

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