Forrester Research names ZeroDash1 in their report

ZeroDash1, was one of the Web Analytics consulting companies named in a Forrester Research’s latest report by Megan Burns, titled “Where to Get Help with Web Analytics.”

Who is ZeroDash1?

According to ZeroDash1: ZeroDash1 was founded in response to the industry void that has evolved between reporting and analytics.”

“Historically, Marketers looking for analytics have instead been given reporting. At Zerodash1 we distinguish ourselves by bridging the gap between reporting and analytics. Our goal is to bring to the table both the technical (reporting) AND the analytics (insights). While many of our counterparts spend a lot of time manually putting the different data pieces together, ZeroDash1 strives to automate most of the data pulling and reporting thus allowing analysts to focus their time analyzing the data. The end goal being, marketers and business users have actionable data that they can make accurate business decisions with.”

“Data that companies collect reside in various places e.g. web analytics tools, CRM databases, ad serving platforms, email databases and Google Adwords to name few. Our team helps aggregate all these data points to one place so that you get one comprehensive view of the data rather than having to look at different places”. For example: One of our customer had several data points of a conversion funnel scattered along a SQL Server Database, SQL server OLAP cube, MySQL database and Omniture. As a result, they were only getting a partial picture since some data was available daily, monthly and some after a few days. Our solution pulled all the data capture points together and provided them with a complete funnel. ZeroDash1 automated this entire process, which negated their team having to manually pull these data points. As a result, they now have more time to concentrate on optimizing the conversion process versus getting to the data.”

“Our work empowers the marketing professional.”

ZeroDash1 offers the following marketing services:

Data Reporting Services

  • Aggregation of disparate databases
  • Bridge the gap between legacy databases, web reporting, new reporting, etc
  • Dashboard/Scorecard/Reporting System Development, Implementation and Automation

Web Analytics Consulting

  • Web Analytical framework & KPI development
  • Analytics Best Practices evaluation
  • Online ROI Calculations
  • BI Executive summaries
  • Web analytical tools selection
  • Implementation of web analytical tools including but not limited to Omniture, Webtrends, Coremetrics and Google Analytics
  • On-going data analysis and recommendation to improve the user experience and conversions
  • Email analytics

Search Engine Marketing Services

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Pay Per click campaign implementation and management

Website Optimization

  • Landing Page Optimization
  • A/B and Multivariate testing
  • Tool recommendation and implementations
  • Conversion path and funnel analysis and optimization

Behavioral Targeting

  • Beahvioral Targeting Process Development for Onsite as well as network
  • Behaviroal Targeting Vendor Selection
  • ROI models calculations
  • Segment Selection and creation
  • Ongoing analysis and optimization

3rd party Ad Serving Expertise

  • Campaign Management/Implementation/Reporting
  • Action Tag Implementation/Strategy
  • Extended Data Collection/Custom Reporting and Analytics
  • Behavioral Targeting

Full Disclosure: I work for ZeroDash1. If you want to know how we can help you please feel free to email me at batraonline at

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