Follow-up on my Web Analytics Predictions for 2007 Part I

In January I wrote my web analytics predictions for 2007. Two of my predictions were

Web Analytics won’t be standing alone – Marketers will want 360 view of the customers. Integration of various data sources and tools will be expected from web analytics and other supporting tool vendors. Omniture started the trend with Omniture Genesis and this will continue we will see more acquisitions and partnerships similar to Omnitures.
Web Analytics will be about taking actions – More and more marketers would like to take actions and not just report the findings. It just won’t be about what happened, it will be about taking action to drive sales, user satisfaction, lead generation etc. Incentives and bonuses will be tied to the online KPIs. Optimization and Behavioral Targeting will become a common term used by marketers.
Today I read an article Report: Web Analytics Market Pumped for Growth which hits on the same points that I predicted.
Here are two quotes from this article
“Many Web analytics companies started collecting data about Web site visits and providing reporting tools to analyze that data,” Megan Burns, Forrester Research senior analyst told CRM Buyer. “Now they’re moving to the next level of value, which is enabling people to act on that data and becoming a platform for managing interactive marketing activities.” This is exactly what I predicted “ Wen analytics won’t be standing alone and it will be all about taking actions on the data.
Here is another quote from Jason Palmer of WebTrends
“As an application category, Web analytics is evolving beyond data collection and reporting, claimed WebTrends’ Jason Palmer. “Traditionally, Web analytics has been about performance management, tracking Web site behavior and usage,” he said. “Four or five years ago, it began evolving into campaign reporting and most recently, campaign management and optimization.””
It is nice to see the validation by industry experts and leaders. The year has just begun I am sure by end of this year we will see similar quotes from a lot of industry leader and experts. I would like to declare that my prediction number 4 has already come true and number 3 is on its way to become true.

As always, I would love to hear your comments and feedback.

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