Fishing From Barrel: Only Book on Behavioral Targeting

I came across “Fishing From A Barrel” by Rob Graham, Director of Training and Founder of LearningCraft. I think this is the first and only book on Behavioral Targeting (if you have seen another one then please let me know). I am halfway through the book and will post my review when I am done. Based on what I have read so far, I would recommend this book to those are interested in Behavioral Targeting and want to learn more.

According to Fishing From A Barrel takes an energetic and foundational look at how behavioral targeting is changing the face of advertising as we know it and introduces readers to the fundamentals of behavioral targeting technologies and how advertisers and publishers can use BT to achieve greater campaign and ROI results for their online advertising.

While still in its infancy, Behavioral Targeting is filling in many of the holes that have been part of the direct marketing landscape for over 100 years. Fishing From A Barrel brings readers on a journey that introduces them to concepts such as:

The future promise of Behavioral Targeting
Why Mass Marketing isn’t the best way to reach an audience
How to target and market to ‘individuals’
How to plan for and create highly targeting ad campaigns
How publishers are using BT to turn a huge profit
What you need to know about ‘Customerization’
How new targeting data goes well beyond demography
Why contextual targeting often falls short
Understanding and using ad networks
Using BT with traditional media channels
How to collect and use relevant web analytics
Understanding new definitions of Reach, Acquisition and Conversion
How to create targeted audience segments
The importance of privacy to consumers
What makes consumers consume?
Meeting consumer needs and expectations with every campaign
The Foundational Communications Model
Communicating Interactively
Who’s who in Behavioral Targeting

You can buy the book directly from Let me know what you think about this book.

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