Do Number of Likes and Followers Matter?

This is a one of those questions that keep coming up during conferences, the classes I teach at University of Washington, client conversations etc.

The default answer by most of the people is along the lines of “Oh they don’t …. It is the quality…. What really matters is the impact on revenue/cost… “ and so on.
I do not deny that ultimately the impact of business in terms of revenue/cost is what matters but saying that Likes/Followers don’t matter is flat out wrong.  It is equivalent to saying Visits to your site do not matter, potential customers in your store do not matter, subscribers of your email list do not matter etc.
Likes/Followers are the foundation that is required to make your social media efforts successful. Without Likes you don’t have anybody to put your messages in front of.  Without them you have nobody to amplify your message and help attract others like them.
If you are posting random stuff that has nothing to do with your business then you will attract random fans and followers.  If you talk about stuff in your particular industry/vertical etc. then you will attract Fans/Follower who care about what you are saying.   If you are attracting the right types of Fans/Followers/Like then number of Like/Followers does matter.  You want more of them.

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