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Big Data - the JPL Way1
Digital Marketing Is Really About People1
Let Training Foster Analytics Understanding1
3 Techniques That Will Double Your Social Media Content with Half the Effort1
Panda 4.1 Analysis and Findings – Affiliate Marketing, Keyword Stuffing, Security Warnings, and Deception Prevalent1
Vaginal Mesh Lawsuits Have Been Won1
Analytics Club - Talking Optimization Post #10 by Kelly Wortham1
How to Filter out Bots and Spiders from Google Analytics1
Big-Data Watch: Civil Liberty Infringements1
Rogue Analytics: The Thing That Wouldn't Leave1
The Cloud & Other Forces -- Climate Change, or Just the Weather?1
SAS on 'The Big Bang Theory' TV Series!1
Data Drives Digital Hotel Check-Ins1
Big Data Gets Screen Time in Fall TV Kickoff1
Data Scientist Recruitment: Myth Busted1
Give the Analytics Buildup Its Due1
Analytics & the Gut Head for Common Ground1
Did You Know?! Keeping Causation Real1
Spotify delar med sig av erfarenheter av Google Analytics1
Outfox besökte Google i Kalifornien för femte året i rad1
Checklista för A/B-tester1
Vem är bäst på insamling på webben?1
Bättre uppdelning av Adwords i Google Analytics1
Botfiltrering i Google Analytics1
Hitta var din webbplats läcker – en riktigt enkel guide till Google Analytics1
Ny version av UrlCleaner1
Vår presentation på Google Analytics Conference Nordic, 20141
Magi med Parametrar och Custom Dimensions1
Creating your Conversion Funnel in Excel1
See This, Do That Analytics1
The Quadfurcation of Web Analytics1
It’s Grow Time for L3 Analytics1
An alternative approach to GTM event tracking1
Accurate Sessions by Traffic Source1
L3 Analytics Keeps Growing1
Identifying the right social listening tool1
Adding the Twitter profile photo in social network graph1
Remarketing Dinâmico do Google Adwords1
Monitoramento de Crises nas Mídias Sociais1
DP6 participa do projeto Real Time Marketing da Coca-Cola1
Teste A/B e Multivariado: Diferenças, Vantagens e Limitações1
Reputação empresarial nas Redes Sociais1
Twitter lança o Twitter Analytics para tweets orgânicos1
Evento Share 2014 SP1
Gestão de Projetos DP61
Mensuração entre Múltiplos Domínios com Google Analytics1
Social Media Brasil 20141
Are You an Analytical Competitor?1
Succeeding with Analytics: Overcoming Common Obstacles1
2014 IIA Symposium: We’re Really Hummin’ Now!1
Overcoming the Obstacles to Success in Analytics1
IIA Newsletter February 20141
Google and the Transformation of Marketing1
Big Data’s Big Flip-Flop1
Succeeding with Analytics: Your Questions Answered1
When Machine Learning Isn’t Learning1
Quick, Invest In This CBIMBDMLAAS Company!1
IQ Blast – Vol. 8 Issue 91
Digital Analytics Goes To College1
IQ Blast – Vol. 8 Issue 101
IQ Blast – Vol. 8 Issue 111
IQ Blast – Vol. 8 Issue 121
Rudi Shumpert – Talking Shop with Blair Reeves1
IQ Blast – Vol. 8 Issue 131
Rudi Shumpert – Talking Shop with Matthias Bettag1
5 Keys to Writing a Good Job Description1
Rudi Shumpert – Talking Shop with Corry Prohens1
How to Set Up Google Analytics Content Grouping1
How to Use Google Analytics Content Grouping: 4 Business Examples1
Hits, Sessions & Users: Understanding Digital Analytics Data1
Advanced Content Tracking with Universal Analytics1
Universal Analytics: Now out of beta!1
Understanding Cross Device Measurement and the User-ID1
Using Offline and Online data to drive Google Analytics Remarketing1
Does Conversion Rate Optimisation work for B2B websites?1
A/B Testing: Is it really just about testing different button colours?1
Conversion Rate Optimisation Tip: How to be your own customer1
5 Cracking Books on Web Optimisation for the Summer Break1
5 steps for a smashing e-commerce Christmas 20141
Revenue Per Visitor – The one key metric you can’t ignore when A/B testing1
Is Universal Analytics worth it?1
Monthly tools update – August 20141
Why your A/B testing bombed – and what to do about it.1
Six months, six split tests and a 107% uplift1
Information Chaos? Analytics Governance is your only salvation1
Marketing is about people buying intention. Conjoint Analysis 101.1
How to make a self explaining reports1
The Data Driven culture componen for startups1
In digital Brazil is ahead in any meaningful metric1
Shared Stories from This Week: Jul 18, 20141
Shared Stories from This Week: Jul 25, 20141
Shared Stories from This Week: Aug 01, 20141
Shared Stories from This Week: Aug 08, 20141
Shared Stories from This Week: Aug 15, 20141
Shared Stories from This Week: Aug 22, 20141
Shared Stories from This Week: Aug 29, 20141
Shared Stories from This Week: Sep 05, 20141
Shared Stories from This Week: Sep 12, 20141
Shared Stories from This Week: Sep 19, 20141
Why Retailers Should Use Goals in Google Analytics1
EU Cookie Law – ecommerce sites selling to UK need to do something now1
Use feedback surveys: let your customers tell you how to make your site better1
Updates: December 20121
Why would shoppers sign in?1
8 AdWords Changes That Could Impact Your Account1
3 PR Tips Every Digital Marketer Should Know1
The Death of UTM Campaign Parameters1
How to Fire a Virtual Pageview in Google Tag Manager1
How to Learn PPC from the Ground Up1
SEO Tips When Switching Servers1
FAQ About Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce1
Getting Started with ShufflePoint1
Remove (other) from Content Reports, Even on Huge Websites1
The SMX East Panels You Shouldn’t Miss1
Moving from Data to Decisions in the next Analytics Academy course1
New Google Analytics Premium Feature: Unsampled Reports in the Management API1
Introducing the new Google Analytics Partner Gallery1
Segmenting Brand and Generic Paid Search Traffic in Google Analytics1
Analytics Pros helps Avvo Gain New Insights with Data Import1
Rooms To Go Improves the Shopper Experience by Integrating Google Analytics Premium with BigQuery1
U.S. Cellular reveals true impact of digital media on sales with Google Analytics Premium1
New Benchmarking Reports Help Twiddy Boost Email Open Rates by 500%1
Enhanced Google Analytics Audience Capabilities Come to Apps1
The Top 3 Google Analytics Configuration Issues Impacting your Data (and How to Fix Them)1
¿Cuál Tasa de Conversión utilizar?1
Building A Google Analytics App With Shiny & R1
In-Page Analytics Chrome Extension (by Google)1
Presenting Analytics Results [cartoon]1
Google Analytics Demographic Segmentation Techniques1
Dashboard for AdSense Performance Analysis1
Custom Definitions in Universal Analytics: A Case Study1
More Actionable Google Analytics Tips1
More Context With Google Analytics Benchmarking1
Facts vs. Stories [cartoon]1
Google Analytics Embed API Highlights1
8 advanced Segments for Google Analytics from 8 experts1
AdWords shopping annoncer – billedannoncer på Google1
How a Girl Afraid of Math became a Web Analyst1
Analyzing YouTube Traffic and Earnings1
Giving My Brand Some Pizzazz1
The Surprising Similarities Between Finance and Analytics Consulting1
Using Analytics to Optimize my Gaming1
I’d Like a Bigger Boat1
Financial Analytics1
Why Consulting Today is a Lot Like Online Dating1
Becoming an Adobe Certified Expert1
Comparing Adobe Analytics to Google Analytics1
HealthCare.Gov Problems: Technical Search Issues1
Google Glass 2 Photos, Accessories & Review1
Google Knowledge Graph Information Sources1
ROBOTS.TXT DISALLOW: 20 Years of Mistakes To Avoid1
Google Officially Adds “Guest Blog Posts” To Guidelines Violations1
5 questions on Digital Analytics Evangelization to Brent Dykes, Evangelist for Customer Analytics at Adobe1
5 questions on the future of Adobe Analytics to Bill Ingram, VP Adobe Social & Analytics1
Adobe Analytics Highlights during #AdobeSummit EMEA 20141
Full-day #Adobe #Analytics Training on Sep. 19th, 2014 in London, the day before #MeasureCamp1
Web Analytics Rendez Vous on Conversion Rate Optimisation featuring Peter O'Neill (L3 Analytics) and Stuart McMillan (Schuh) on October 22nd, 2014 in Lille1
The Foundation of KISSmetrics: People, Events, and Properties1
How to Get Users to Share Social Data with You1
Four Words of Ecommerce Wisdom That Will Waste Your Time1
5 Myths About App Store Optimization1
5 Quick Pointers for Email List Segments You Can Use Right Now1
How to Use KISSmetrics to Improve an E-commerce Checkout Funnel1
Three Risky Ecommerce Techniques That Could Actually Increase Your Conversions1
How to Use Text Messages to Retain Users1
How to Improve Your Customers’ Checkout Experience Today1
7 Essential Intelligence Events for Your Google Analytics Account1
Twitter NFL Promoted Video Ads1
Interview with Geno Prussakov on Affiliate Management1
Interview with Marcus Tandler1
Google+ larger improved posts1
Interview with Rand Fishkin1
Interview with Brad Geddes on SEA1
Interview with Dan Petrovic on Google+1
Interview with Jan-Willem Bobbink on SEO1
Interview with Helen Southgate about AM Days1
TripAdvisor Grand Budapest Hotel Stunt1
Local Search – More than a Location: What I Learned at SearchFest 20141
Digital Strategy Traps and How to Avoid Them1
Why Saying “I don’t know” Makes You a Good Marketer1
Confluence Digital Turns 5 Years Old!1
IAB’s Rising Stars Ad Units Slow to Take Off1
SMX Advanced 2014 Review of Content Marketing Sessions1
Are You Retargeting Across Platforms?1
The Top 5 Songs About Digital Marketing & SEO1
What is SEO? A Guide Through All the BS1
Not Your Average SEO: 3 Advanced SEO Tactics for SMBs1
What is customer retention and how do you measure it?1
21 Top Metrics for Online Display Advertising1
April 2014 Google Algorithm Updates Heavily Targeted Song Lyrics and MP3 Websites (4/05 and 4/18)1
How To Remarket 70+ Ways Using Segments and Conditions in Google Analytics1
Panda 4.0 Analysis | Nuclear Option Rewarded, Phantom Victims Recover, and Industry Experts Rise1
Panda 4.0 Case Study – Thin Content, Deception, Mobile Redirects, and The Danger of the Wrong Content Strategy1
Panda, Penguin, and Manual Actions – Questions, Tips, and Recommendations From My SES Atlanta Session1
How To Get More Links, Crawl Errors, Search Queries, and More By Verifying Directories in Google Webmaster Tools1
Affiliate Marketer Attacked by Panda 4.0 Sees Temporary Recovery, Gets Hit Again 5 Days Later [Case Study]1
Google Panda Running Regularly Since P4.0, Approaches Near-Real-Time1
Panda Update on Friday September 5, 20141
How To Check If Google Analytics Is Firing On Android Devices Using Remote Debugging With Chrome [Tutorial]1
Ringside seats at #Sochi2014 Winter Olympics and Social Media Week 2014 thanks to Geofeedia and Crimson Hexagon1
1st CMSWire article – its all about SOCIAL MEDIA week NYC #smwnyc1
Geofeedia @ the Oscars, and other thoughts – Web Journal 3/3/20141
The Sentiment around the Sentiment Analysis Symposium @CMSWire and the Programmatic Tour1
SoLoMo Analytics FITNYC course, Programmatic, Programmatic, New Blog Theme and GigaOM’s Structure:Data this week1
Programmatic ClickZ and Omni Retail (FIT) Events and Musings – WEB JOURNAL – Late March, Early April 20141
Social Media is both a communications and business model & more announcements | Web Journal -Mid May 20141
Three new articles and the WinterPark Social Analytics Forum this week | Web Journal Early June 20141
In London this week – Busy with Analytics1
WebMetricsGuru Updates – September 9th, 2014 – Web Journal1
Amazon’s Performance Secrets1
How to Design High-Converting Mobile Landing Pages {includes video}1
Developing a High Converting Landing Page {Slideshare}1
Buyer Legends ebook Special Preview1
The Lonely Brand Story Meets Social Media1
How to Convert More Blog Visitors1
How to Manage a Legendary Brand1
A 217% Lift Every Content Marketer Should Be Getting, But Will You?1
Show Us Your Briefs1
Is that a Gap in Your Brand Story?1
Three great events in Europe: GA Conference Nordic, Online Dialogue Days and Digital Data Tips Tuesday1
Who needs the Oscars when you have the DAA Awards for Excellence?1
If I don’t include an emoticon, will you still believe I’m experiencing an emotion?1
So, I’m a Prezilian1
TV Tells Me…1
Dear Avinash: Your Digital Marketing + Analytics Challenges Answered1
Excellent Analytics Tip #26: Every Critical Metric Should Have A BFF!1
Digital Design & User Experience Best Practices: Happiness + Profits!1
Digital Dashboards: Strategic & Tactical: Best Practices, Tips, Examples1
Smart Dashboard Modules: Insightful Dimensions And Best Metrics1
Magnificent Mobile Website And App Analytics: Reports, Metrics, How-to!1
Analytics Club - Talking Personalization Post #5 by Gary Angel1
Analytics Club - Talking Optimization Post #6 by Kelly Wortham1
Analytics Club - Talking Optimization Post #7 by Gary Angel1
X Change Registration Opens1
Analytics Club - Talking Optimization Post #8 by Kelly Wortham1
Analytics Club - Talking Optimization Post #9 by Gary Angel1
Looking forward to X Change1
Why Your KPIs Are Meaningless & What To Do About It1
Vine seems to be a Ghost town for Brands1
Google Glass won’t become mainstream in 20141
Mine Your Way to Better Marketing1
The Easy Guide to SEO Basics for Editors1
Adobe Reports & Analytics: Setting Calendar Events1
Adobe Reports & Analytics: Segmentation1
Adobe Reports & Analytics: Customizing the Reports Menu1
Adobe Reports & Analytics: Creating a Tracking Manifest1
7 Simple Steps to Writing Product Descriptions that Sell1
PR Spam Still Present in Lasik1
4 Tips on How to Develop a Social Media Strategy for Your Business1
Best of 20131
Textual Analysis Gets Cuckoo1
2013 -- A Year in Review1
2013 Marketing Roundup in 5 Hot Topics1
Gridiron Computing: Analytics vs. Humans1
A Few Secrets on How to Get The Most Out of Google Analytics Dashboards1
How to Find Great Sources for Useful Statistics1
The Startup Marketer’s Onboarding Process: Tips for New Marketing Hires1
Why can’t I block Google+ Help community?1
5 Resolutions for the Analytically Inclined1
SEO Reporting with Google Tag Manager1
The Seven Secret Habits of Twitter Power Users1
5 Strategies for Outstanding Content Marketing1
Meet me at the Hub1
Playing at Game Theory in a Big Data Context1
Cameras, Cops & Crowd Computing1
Klarna tracks third-party iframe with Universal Analytics’ cookieless approach1
3 Google Analytics Quick Wins: Mobile Stats, Top Performing Content & In-Page Analytics1
Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency: The Ultimate Checklist1
Here's to Good Health(care)1
Modeling for Lower Hospital Readmissions1
IQ Blast – Vol. 7 Issue 221
NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg Talks Web Analytics at Personal Democracy Forum1
Web Analytics Lunch: Avinash Kaushik & Bryan Eisenberg Discuss Testing1
Murdoch vs. Google: AdSense, not Google News, is His Problem1
Cool Tool – Tom’s Planner1
Great Trick: Extracting Domains from Email Addresses in Excel and SQL1
Don’t Freak Out about Google Analytics Opt-Outs1
Poll: How Do You Inform People of Testing Activities on Your Sites?1
Cool Tool: QR Codes1
Inspirational Video: Creating a Data Driven Culture by Avinash Kaushik1
Don’t Freak Out about Google’s New SSL Search1
A Practical Guide to Getting Started with Regular Expressions (with Sample Data)1
How to Approach A/B Testing for Mobile Commerce1
Data Science Meets Information Management1
Running Out the Clock on 20131
A2 Wishes You a Merry Christmas1
Cross-Domain Tracking With Google Tag Manager1
Has the Day Arrived for Real-Time “See-Commerce” ?1
Census Map Visualizes Income, Education & More1
Increase Transaction Insight with 9 Steps in Google Tag Manager1
How To Own Mobile Analytics (Marketer Edition)1
How to Crack the Email Deliverability Code1
10 Step Guide to Better Protect WordPress1
That Creepy Stalker Guy in Your Computer1
Insights and Thoughts on Fake Twitter Followers1
Going Agile1
Holiday Trips, Now With Math1
Infographic: The Data Behind What Makes an Effective Sales Process1
IDC: Tons of Customer Data Going to Waste1
Analytic Hospitality Execs: What Happened to 2013?1
Anatomy of a Data Management Project1
W3C Customer Experience Data Specification Released1
Wrangle Your Site Categories And Product Types With Content Grouping1
My 2014 Predictions – Marshall Sponder, WebMetricsGuru INC.1
Exit Strategies: Not Just for Entrepreneurs1
8 Tips for Working on Employee Analytics1
Analytics: Where the Girls Are1
Breeding Analytics Talent Through AP Statistics1
Google AdWords – A Year in Review1
Learn Paid Search Marketing and Become a More Effective Online Marketer with These 44 Resources1
Searching for Marketing Substance in Google’s 2013 Zeitgeist1
Panda Report – How To Find Low Quality Content By Comparing Top Landing Pages From Google Organic1
Increase Marketing Response Rates With SAS1
3 Traits That Make for a Good Data Scientist1
Deadline Looms for Federal E-Records Overhaul1
Handfield’s Supply Chain Analytics Predictions for 20141
How To Sell Your Boss On Mobile Analytics & Marketing1
The Argument for Disproportionate Holiday Advertising & Where You Should Increase Your Ad Spending1
A2 Twofer: Analytics Talent & Big Data Analytics1
Value Creation Is Key to Marketing's Future1
Gartner: 4 Big Data Predictions1
How to Bulk Redirect Complicated URLs1
Google Tag Manager: Coding & Naming Conventions1
How To Sell Your Boss On Mobile Analytics & Marketing1
How One SaaS Startup Reduced Churn 71% Using “Red Flag” Metrics1
Do I Really Need a Blog for My Business?1
Convergence Analytics Predictions for 2014 @ClickZ1
2013 Predictions Recap – Web Journal – December 16th, 20131
Social Logins: Maximizing Conversions & Engagement1
Your Recommendation, My Bet1
Feedback Process [cartoon]1
Digital Marketing Weekly – Issue 71
Nice Paycheck: Big Data Work Pays for H-1Bs1
Using Universal Analytics to Measure Movement1
How and Why You Should Conduct a Brand Audit1
The Not-So-Material World1
Amazon Prime Air Will Fly on Big Data's Wings1
Cybercrime: Dark Side of the Digital World1
Why Analysts Always Need 'More Research'1
Perfect Information Doesn’t Equal Perfect Predictions1
IQ Blast – Vol. 7 Issue 201
IQ Blast – Vol. 7 Issue 211
How to Track Hover Events with Google Tag Manager1
Want Conversions? Start with User-Friendly, Useful Landing Pages1
Brands Only Presentation in Orlando, FL – 12/9/131
Big Data Brings New Perspective for Marketers1
Survey: Strong Push for Visual Analytics1
2013 PPC Resolution Check-in1
How attribution modeling increases profit for Baby Supermall1
Mobile Resolutions: 3 Ways to Improve Your App in 20141
15 Psychological Triggers to Convert Leads into Customers1
Slashing Record Clutter With Text Analytics1
9 Analytics Predictions for 20141
Confession of a Hypocritical Marketer1
Our Predictions in Analytics for 20141
An In-Depth Comparison of Remarketing and Retargeting Services1
A2 Radio: How to Make a Profit From Text-Mining1
The Hour of Code Is at Hand1
How to Get More Value Out of Your Data Analysts1
5 Ways to Get Data on PDFs and Other Downloads1
7 Powerful and Easy Sources of Embeddable Social Testimonials1
4 Key Steps to Building Strong, Loyal, & Engaged Online Communities1
Seattle Labor Day Cyclocross Results1
Social Media ROI1
How to effectively use QR codes1
Google’s Pirate Algorithm and DMCA Takedowns | Exploring the Impact Threshold1
Why Data Analysts Need Business Analysts1
Segmentation 101: Start, Split, Test, Maintain1
3 Tips For Measuring Mobile Acquisition1
Digital Marketing And Analytics: Two Ladders For Magnificent Success1
Analytics as a Portfolio1
Walking a Fine Line With HR Predictive Analytics1
Yes, That Is a Beacon in Your Pocket1
Black Friday 2013 nas redes sociais1
The Countdown to Predictions Has Begun1
HOWA Buenos Aires 2013!1
Misguided Marketing: How Do You Get the Most Value from Facebook?1
The Data-Driven Factory & Economy of the Future1
7 Rules for Using HR Predictive Analytics1
Grocery Loyalty: Data Spill in Aisle 71
How to Start an SEO Audit1
Fairmont Gets Deeper Understanding of Social Interactions for Real Results1
Nine Valuable Marketing Lessons From a Nonprofit – Charitywater.org1
Good Data Makes for a Hip, Happenin' Scene1
Check Into the Big Data Suite1
iPad Air Wins Black Friday-Cyber Monday: New Devices Increase by 51%1
A2 Radio: 2014 Big Data Salary Outlook1
The Impact of Negative Reviews on Purchase Decisions1
X-Ray Vision With Competitive Analytics1
Predicting Who Should Know Whom, Internally1
An AdWords Wishlist for Google Claus1
Google Analytics Dashboards for Quick Insights1
How To Fix Your Website When You’ve Violated Google’s Quality Guidelines1
5 Reasons Why You Should Use Google Experiments1
Q&A: Jen Dunham on Cybersecurity1
Baby Wearables: Big Data in Small Packages1
Industrial-Strength Analytics With Machine Learning1
4 Lessons I Learned From a 500,000 Pageview Blog Post1
A Guide to Google Tag Manager for Mobile Apps1
How to Track Inbound Phone Call ROI from Offline and Online Sources1
Cameras in Class: Insight vs. Privacy1
Cobertura do Evento – Social Analytics Summit 20131
What to Give a Data Lover This Year1
A transformação do mercado de tag managers1
Giving Analytics the College Try1
Protestos e Manifestações: Redes Sociais X Mídias Tradicionais1
Evento “O Poder do Facebook em Debate”1
Google Analytics on Steroids (GAS)Google Analytics on Steroids (GAS)1
Estudo sobre o engajamento do público nas redes sociais durante os programas televisivos1
Digital Week ESPM1
Data Visualization vs DashboardsData Visualization vs Dashboards1
Trabalhe na dp6: Conheça o nosso processo1
Método científico aplicado ao Business Intelligence1
As últimas tendências sobre o marketing digital e o e-commerce apresentadas no DigitalWeek1
Funcionários nas Redes Sociais: vantagens e desafios1
Selling to Enterprise: Why Your “Easy,” Developer-Friendly Offerings are HURTING Your Chances1
Happy Thanksgiving, (JJJRH Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook @garyvaynerchuk) & Web Journal 11/28/131
Motivated to Shop – Or Not1
The Dreaded M Word (Math)1
Let the Power Shopping & Data Crunching Begin1
SUPERWEEK 2014: January 21-23, Hungary1
Full Customer Journey: Three Lenses of Measurement1
Introducing New Localytics Feature: Custom Dashboards1
CEOs Don’t Trust Marketing – What’s The Solution?1
Creating a Roadmap for Data Science1
Give Thanks for Push on Data Transparency1
DMA Highlights Importance of Chief Data Officers1
To Your Good Health1
The Massive Implications of Supply Chain Analytics1
IIA November 2013 Newsletter1
5 Google Analytics Power Tips for Small (& Smart) Businesses1
Intuit Team Crunches its Own Numbers with Google Analytics Premium1
The New Generation Of Digital Analysis Tools1
How to Create Magnetic Marketing Content1
3 Old Tricks for the Analytics Hall of Shame1
Conversion Rate Optimization Maturity: Activities1
Needed for Social Good: Bright Data Minds1
How To Extract Value From Google Analytics Referral Paths (The Video)1
McDonald's Stays Hot With Predictive Analytics1
IT, Education Execs Agree on Skills Gap1
Building An Analytics Roadmap: Your Questions Answered1
A PPC Retail Advertiser’s Guide to the Holidays1
New Secondary Dimensions Provides Deeper Insights Into Your Users1
Getting Your eCommerce Site Optimized for the Holiday Season1
How To Track Unconfirmed Panda Updates in a Quasi Real-time World1
A2 Radio: Doing Data Science for Social Good1
Fashion Trending in China, Big Data Style1
Structuring the World With 'Unstructured Data'?1
2014 Analytics Predictions1
Insights on the fly: Introducing executive reporting from DoubleClick Search1
Low Hanging Fruit of Social Media: 12 Quick Changes That Will Make Big Results1
At the SocialBakers Engage 2013 today at the Manhattan Center (next to the New Yorker Hotel) on W. 34th Street – Web Journal November 21st, 20131
Members-Only Means Everything at Gilt1
'Map the Nation' Gives Local Look at Global Links1
Crowdsourced Analytics Helps in Typhoon Recovery1
Analytics Lessons from Penises, Professors & Prohibitions1
Protestos e Manifestações: Redes Sociais X Mídias Tradicionais1
Evento “O Poder do Facebook em Debate”1
Google Analytics on Steroids (GAS)1
Estudo sobre o engajamento do público nas redes sociais durante os programas televisivos1
Digital Week ESPM1
Data Visualization vs Dashboards1
Trabalhe na dp6: Conheça o nosso processo1
Método científico aplicado ao Business Intelligence1
As últimas tendências sobre o marketing digital e o e-commerce apresentadas no DigitalWeek1
Funcionários nas Redes Sociais: vantagens e desafios1
Optimizing AdSense Revenue Using Google Analytics1
Passive Audience Segmentation Strategies1
How We Signed Up 4,400 B2B Customers in 30 days1
New ClickZ post on Big Data and Convergence – Web Journal – November 19th, 20131
Which Customers Have the Most Clout?1
Visualizing Cop Stops in NYC1
The Quick and Dirty Rundown of AdWords Estimated Total Conversions1
Learning what moves the needle most with Data-Driven Attribution1
Actionable Data [cartoon]1
Infographic: Social Media, OS & Browser Leaders of the Past Decade1
The Marketer’s Guide to Actionable Data1
Think Inside the Box: Constrain Your Analytics!1
Standing up an Analytics Center of Excellence1
8 Tips for Becoming Better Predictive Modelers1
Still Early Days for Hadoop1
IQ Blast – Vol. 7 Issue 191
Sharpen Your Analysis Skills Over The Holidays At The Analytics Academy1
How to Set Up Virtual Pageviews in Google Analytics (The Video)1
Ancestry Does DNA & Data Science1
Uncle Sam Announces 34 New Data Projects1
Where to Find the BI Sweet Spot1
How to Make Your Mobile App Visible in the Ever-Expanding App Market1
Great Metrics Lie About Social Media1
Telling Stories From the Data of Our Ancestors1
5 Data Specialists You Meet in Heaven1
IIA October 2013 Newsletter1
Big Data and the Analytics Arms Race1
Køn og Alder i Google Analytics og AdWords1
5 Tips For Measuring In-App Messaging and Push Messaging Campaigns1
The Future of Content Marketing: Trends and Predictions for 20141
McKinsey: Make Metrics a Social Must1
Customer Experience: Avoid the Yellowed-Linoleum Look1
Thinking on NSA Excess & Enterprise Implications1
Launching Real-Time Events and Conversions Reports out of Beta1
Conversion Rate Optimization Audit1
5-Year Anniversary1
Should You Change Your SEO Strategy Because of Google Hummingbird?1
DAA Symposium in Seattle- Short on the Analytics for Customer Experience1
A Double Penguin Recovery (via 2.1 Update) – But Does It Reveal A Penguin Glitch?1
Streaming Content Dominates Web Traffic1
Forecasting the Future of Analytics: 2014 Edition1
Newsletter No. 441
Start-up report: Viewsy – in-store analytics1
Low conversion rate? Here’s why..1
Newsletter No. 451
Newsletter No. 461
Conversion Thursday Manchester 2013: half-year round up1
Newsletter No. 471
4 easy steps to recruit your best usability testers1
Newsletter No. 481
Newsletter No. 491
Should Nonprofits Have Mobile Websites?1
How to Use the Persuasive Power of Mini-Stories in Your Sales Copy1
Loyalty: Take Care to Get What You Want1
Should Nonprofits Have Mobile Websites?1
Geolocation Testing with Geofeedia, Radian6 and NetBase and some others, Web Journal 11/11/131
This I Believe: A Manifesto for a Magnificent Career1
4 Quick Tips for Data Visualization Newbies1
Interns Help Mind the Talent Gap1
Across Fonblets and Phablets Samsung Has 63% Share of all Android Mobile Devices1
Infographic: SaaS Operating Metrics Uncovered1
Hey! I Know Her1
Data Migration in an Unstructured World1
The Basics of Regular Expressions for Google Analytics1
Announcing IIA’s Upcoming Webinar Schedule1
Personalize How Rather Than What You Offer1
Google Glass 2 Photos, Accessories & Review1
What You Need to Know About Facebook’s New Insights and Analytics1
Bogota Colombia and the #CongressoSM Conference – spoke at and reflections on Bogota – Web Journal1
LinkedIn Analytics – and example of what I teach at Baruch College MBA Program (Web Intelligence)1
The Art of Placemaking Conference in Providence, RI – Speaking there – Web Journal – 11/8/131
Dive Into a 'Data Lake' & See the Ripple Effect1
Predictive Analytics Head to Jail1
Customer Q&A: Cotap’s CEO Jim Patterson on Being Metrics-Informed1
How Mint Grew to 1.5 Million Users and Sold for $170 Million in Just 2 Years1
What to Do When Excel Doesn't Have the Juice1
Survey: Elusive ROI for Analytics1
Ready or Not, Data is the Future of Your Business1
The Big Squeeze1
Improve your website’s performance with the new Speed Suggestions report1
How to Set Up Conversion Funnels in Google Analytics (The Video)1
Shedding Light on Hadoop for Marketing1
Changing Culture: Top Down & Bottom Up1
A2 Academy: What, When & Why of Visual Data1
Just for Fun1
6 Landing Page Optimizations You Need to Know1
Digital Analytics Association Symposium in San Francisco: End-to-End Data Measurement & Visualization1
Case Study: RunKeeper Drives User Engagement With A/B Testing1
More Content Marketing Isn’t Necessarily Better1
Storytelling for Data Analysts1
Google Tag Manager (GTM): What Do I Need To Know?1
Please Don’t Stereotype Your Personas1
Day One privacy and opt-in vs opt-out1
The 7% Solution: Eating our own Dog Food1
A2 Radio: The Visual Organization1
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Connecting the People Dots1
It's a Big Data Jungle Out There1
Book Lover, Sports Fan... Brand Evangelist1
Analytical Startups Form New Business Wave1
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Inside the Millennial Mind, Part 21
3 Ways to Retain Top Talent1
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4 Category-Specific App Marketing Campaigns Worth Exploring1
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Presentation – Netbase Social Savvy Webinar on Social Sharing & Socially Viral Video – October 23, 20131
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Solve Your Business Riddles with Big Data Analytics1
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Disney Finds Magic in Customers' Words1
SAS PBLS 20131
Big Data Summit1
Analytics 3.0 and the Impact on Your Business1
Google konference i Dublin: Think Digital1
iPhone 5c narrowing 5s’ lead and what to expect from Apple’s 10/22 iPad Launch1
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TV Analytics, NetBase, Unruly, Bogota Colombia and Hiscox Reactor – Web Journal – Mid-October 20131
Analítica web: más allá de los clics1
El impacto de las búsquedas seguras de Google, en la Analítica Web1
El Contexto en la Analítica Web1
Recursos de Analítica Web1
¿Por que un curso de Google Analytics?1
Las 3 competencias que todo Analista Web debe tener1
La Analítica Web como proceso de Mejora Continua1
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Search: Not Provided: What Remains, Keyword Data Options, the Future1
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IQ Blast – Vol. 7 Issue 181
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New Kid on the Block1
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Twitter Topic Explorer - Free tool1
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Using a permanent URL to share Custom Attribution Models & Custom Channel Groupings1
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Google enables Shared Endorsements1
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Technology vs. the People Problem1
Get the Modeler... Before the Model Gets Us1
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Ideas for Keyword (Not Provided)1
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Market Like Walmart for Growth & Innovation1
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Gartner’s rise of “The Digital Industrial Economy” and Web Journal Late September – early October 20131
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Interview with Joe Leech about Conversion Conference1
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Directmonster.js: A Solution for Dark Social1
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Owning Your Own Data1
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Seeking, Sharing & Hoarding Information1
Free Webinar: Cross Domain Tracking in Google Tag Manager1
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Infographic: Email Marketing is Changing – The Rise of Mobile and Triggered Emails1
Enhancement to SiteCatalyst Form Abandonment Plug-in and Reporting to improve its usage in 2 Stage1
Best Practices #3: Documenting the process or project to have seamless transition1
LinkedIn – My Review after GUI change1
Excited and feels amazing to see as Nominee for “Digital Analytics Raising Star” in DAA Awards – its an Honor1
I am now Adobe Certified For Processing Rules1
All Analytics Readers Want to See the Data1
Leveraging Big-Data via Cloud1
What came first, the content or the search term?1
Just for Fun1
Funcionários nas Redes Sociais: vantagens e desafios1
Organizing Analytics and Big Data1
Find More Precise Keyword Data for Organic Clicks to PDFs1
Google Analytics earns ISO 27001 certification1
'Access, Empower, Act' - Save the date for the 2013 Google Analytics Summit [#GASummit]1
China Leads the Pack in Preference For iPhone 5s Over 5c1
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iPhone 5s Outsells 5c by a Factor of 3.4x in the United States Opening Weekend1
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Interview with Oliver Paton about Conversion Conference1
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IQ Blast – Vol. 7 Issue 161
The 1st Annual LunaLympics: Office Olympics at its Best1
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90% of Content Marketers Suffer From ‘The Curse’ & How to Remedy It1
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FP&R, or, Why We Kicked the Spreadsheet Habit1
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The Analytics Organization for Supply Chain1
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Monitoring & Analyzing Error Pages (404s) Using Analytics1
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Shutter at the Data in Your Digital Images1
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Supporting A Modern Browsing Experience1
Google Manual Actions List: Google Manual Action Viewer Messages1
Web Analytics Rendez Vous on Segmentation and Attribution featuring Matt Bailey (USA) on October 23rd, 2013 in Lille1
4 Strategies Disney Uses to Create Freakishly Loyal Customers1
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Brits Turn to Twitter to Gauge National Mood1
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Google Tag Manager for Beginners – MeasureCamp #31
Presentation to Inbound Meetup in NYC – September 16th, 20131
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Fears of a Phone-Addicted Potential Juror1
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Consumer Psychology, Market Research and Web Journal – Late August/Early September 20131
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5 Tips to Align Your Marketing & IT1
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You Can't Trust What You Hear About TV1
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IQ Blast – Vol. 7 Issue 151
How Netflix Uses Analytics To Select Movies, Create Content, and Make Multimillion Dollar Decisions1
I May Be a Jerk, But I'm Not Crazy1
New Energy Forecasting Solutions Deliver1
Tracking clicks within iframes with Google Analytics and jQuery1
Just for Fun1
How to Filter Bot Traffic From Your Google Analytics1
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9 Must-See Marketing Panels at SXSW 20141
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Unlock the Potential of One, the Power of All1
Coolhunting & the Product Life Cycle1
Oh Happy Day!1
The Musings of a (Young) Data Scientist1
How to Improve Your Mobile Customer Acquisition ROI – Whiteboard Wednesday1
How Positive Emotions Increases Long-Term Conversions and Customer Lifetime Value1
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The Special Sauce in the McDonald's Customer Experience1
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if you wanted to know what they are thinking just go and ask them1
Three Reasons You (Might) Need Tag Management1
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Meet The Suggested User List in Google Plus – And How I Jumped From 4K to 80K Followers in Just 4 Months1
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Labor Day... More Than Sales & Potato Salad1
Mo' Data Blues1
Why Your Brain Needs Data Visualization1
The Price Isn't Right When You Get Less1
Data Dump: Dallas Cowboy Fans Rock1
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Adobe Reports & Analytics: Visitors, Visits and Page Views1
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'Spend-Not-Show' Has Got to Go1
Measure to Manage, But Optimize to Manage Well1
Capitalizing on the Evolution of the App Business Model1
58 Resources to Help You Learn and Master SEO1
Local Social Summit London 20131
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Little Sign of Lottery Fever on All Analytics1
Your Customer Data, Their Academic Research1
Culture Trumps Data1
How Do You Measure TV Ratings on a Tablet?1
Wharton Wants Your Tough Customer Problems1
Searching for Quality in All That Big-Data1
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Beyond the Optimization Loop1
SEO Measurement Mistakes Part 3: Crawling and Indexation Metrics1
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Going Beyond Standard Reporting with Google Analytics Filters, Segments, Reports, and Dashboards1
Where the Happy People Are1
5 Data-Related Things to Do Today1
Want to be Leading Edge? Then Lead Your Edge1
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Google Analytics Filters: Don’t You Forget About Me1
Choose AdSense: Make Money from Your Content1
12 Different “SaaSy” Pricing Strategies1
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Package Creation in ‘R’: Series 11
Nudges. Choice Architecture and Public Sector Analytics1
Paying the Same, Getting Less1
How Customers Can Help Improve Your Marketing1
The Data Dump: Google & Your Gazes1
Data Visualization: Crucial Decisions on the Go1
Brian Solis on Making Business More Human1
IQ Blast – Vol. 7 Issue 141
How HubSpot Approaches Inbound Marketing, Culture and Sales1
Hold Steady for a 'Tectonic Shift' in Retailing1
Keep Calm & Carry On a Conversation1
Real Data Science: General Theories of Data1
Suicide Prevention, the Analytics Way1
As últimas tendências sobre o marketing digital e o e-commerce apresentadas no DigitalWeek1
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Google Analytics on Google Developers Live1
The Glory Of Falling [cartoon]1
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Infographic: Crossing the Digital Divide1
10x Conversions, Complex Sales & Flipping the Funnel1
Complexograms: An Illustration of Your Content Marketing Needs1
Everything's Going Mobile, Even Your Wallet1
The Link Between Babies & Business1
After-Market Service: From First-Call to No-Call1
11 Google AdWords Ad Extensions – Old, New and Betas1
Data-Driven Attribution: better investment decisions, better marketing outcomes1
How NOT to Lose SaaS Sales1
Cold Water for Powerball Fever1
Cyber Security for the Mobile World1
Retailers Slogging Away at Omnichannel Goals1
Where Do Devices Fit in Your Marketing Plan?1
Beyond Fuzzy Preferences for Supplier Selection1
How Often Should I Post on Facebook or Twitter?1
Introducing Google Tag Manager for Mobile Apps & New Google Analytics Services SDK1
3 Ways a Renegade Cop Accidentally Exploded the Sales of a Product no One Wanted1
Complex Sales and the Persona Creation Process1
Is Google+ the new era of blogging?1
Integrating Departmental Analytics1
Why Am I Here: An Existential Question in the Digital Analytics World1
It Takes More Than Brains to Be a Leader1
Of Tweets & Toilets, Data & Analytics1
5 Easy to Use Tools to Effectively Find and Remove Stolen Content1
Bing Translator beats Google Translate1
Topsy Pro Review – Web Journal – Mid August 20131
Keeping CIOs in the Game1
A Better Approach to Big-Data1
Analytics Sheds Light on Ancient Jewish Culture1
Look, Here's the Problem…1
From Bad Accident to Good Analytics1
Data, Disappearance & Death1
Don't Just Lead, Coach1
Get Visual With Small Multiples1
If You're Happy & You Know It... Measure It1
A2 Video Chat: Analytics, Big-Data & Shopping1
Analyzing Big Data based on Segments1
Improve Analytic Results with Decision Modeling1
IQ Blast – Vol. 7 Issue 121
IQ Blast – Vol. 7 Issue 131
Twice is Chance. Three Times is a Pattern.1
How to Survive in a World with No SEO Data1
SEO Measurement Mistakes Part 2: 10 Google Analytics Gaffes1
BEST Practices: Google Analytics Conference1
Developing a Subcontractor Payment Model1
eCommerce App Analytics Best Practices – Whiteboard Wednesday1
5 Surprising Things the Top Ranked Sites on Google Have in Common (And What You Can Learn from Them)1
Timeless Content Marketing Lessons from the World’s Fastest Growing Online Publication1
54 Google Analytics Resources – The 2013 Edition1
Facebook Ads for eCommerce – How To Combine Custom Audiences, Lookalikes, and Unpublished Posts to Target Customers and Similar Users1
Multi-Channel Attribution Modeling: The Good, Bad and Ugly Models1
X Change as a Portrait of the Community1
Smile! You're on Yet Another Camera1
Will Mobile Save News Publishers?1
How These 7 Companies Increased Revenue by an Average of 425%1
Who Said That? Maybe You1
Inflated Statistics Fuel Hype, Not Reality1
Mobile BI Is Arriving Soon... It Could Happen!1
Is Big Data Changing The Business You Are In Without You Realizing It?1
Google AdWords Grant Account: 7 Tips for Every Manager1
Easily A/B Test Your Website's Call-to-Action Using Content Experiments API1
50 Ways Social Media Can Destroy Your Business1
Wondering About Big-Data? Turn on the TV1
Data Visualization: A Wise Investment1
Marketing Operations Management & Strategic Alignment1
The App Grows Up: Moving Beyond Downloads to Dollars and Competitive Advantage1
Broken Dreams & Big-Data Schemes1
When Less (Data) Is More (Information)1
Of Products & Customers, Cabbages & Kings1
Método científico aplicado ao Business Intelligence1
Obama for America uses Google Analytics to democratize rapid, data-driven decision making1
Engaging Through Session Metrics – Whiteboard Wednesday1
Measuring Mobile Acquisition Campaigns – Whiteboard Wednesday1
$5 Billion Spent on Shifting Marketing Automation Landscape1
Leveraging NPS To Drive Revenue – Whiteboard Wednesday1
The Case For Mobile Analytics & Marketing – Whiteboard Wednesday1
How To Harness Mobile Efficiencies – Whiteboard Wednesday1
Localytics Launches New Integration for ExactTarget HubExchange1
The Benefits Of Location-Based Data – Whiteboard Wednesday1
Exploring Custom Dimensions & Segments – Whiteboard Wednesday1
App User Retention Up by 10%, Up Nearly 50% on Android1
The Ultimate Guide to SEO for E-commerce Websites1
My Impersonal Beverage Experience1
Don't Call That Mannequin a Dummy!1
How Major League Soccer Wins Fans1
The Impossible Quest for Happiness1
Five HTTP Header Fields Every SEO Should Know1
App User Retention Up by 10%, Up Nearly 50% on Android1
7 Tips for Creating Unique Landing Page Videos for Specific Campaigns1
Waves, Particles & a Double Rainbow – Web Journal1
5 Usability Questions To Ask Before Optimizing Websites1
Tools for Tracking Customer Behavior over Time1
Tre nye optimeringskonferencer1
Data Makes the World Go Round1
While You're Away, the Burglars Will Play1
Uncle Sam Stuck on Analytics1
Trabalhe na dp6: Conheça o nosso processo1
4 easy steps to recruit your best usability testers1
Announcing Our 2014 Google Analytics & AdWords Seminar Locations1
Google Analytics Launches Real Time API In Beta1
The Ultimate Guide to Targeting Twitter Users and Connecting With Influencers1
Why aren’t Luxury Fashion Brands driving in store (offline) sales as much as “everyone else”?1
Infographic: The Internet War Report 2013 – Social Media, OS & Browser Leaders1
Dear Verizon: You Make Me Miss Ma Bell1
Building An Analytics Dream Team1
Learning About You From Your Email Metadata1
Adobe Reports & Analytics: Send and Schedule Reports1
Exploring Custom Dimensions & Segments – Whiteboard Wednesday1
Moto-X, Smartphone CPC, Context & SEO1
A Simple Framework for Creating a Viral Video1
I Want to Be Left Alone1
A2 Radio: Change the Game With BI & the Cloud1
Call-to-Action Cheat Sheet for Writing Effective PPC Ad Copy1
Instagram vs. Vine: Cut Through the Hype and Make Short Form Video Work for You1
8 Times You Need Marketing Optimization1
It Must Be True if It's on TV1
Big-Data Doings at Big Companies1
Getting Philosophical About Your Analytics1
Data Visualization vs Dashboards1
Link Intersect from the Command Line1
Google Analytics Dashboards: A Step-By-Step Guide1
Why Online Marketing is Like Being Attacked by Dogs – and 3 Principles for Sales Victory1
Check out my Convergence Analytics article at ClickZ1
Of Analytics Governance – VI1
What People Do on Your Site and Why1
Understanding Consumer Choice1
Nate Silver's Going to Disneyland1
Disabilities by the Numbers1
50 Inspiring Quotes from 50 Top Social Media Power Influencers1
The Dark Side of Data Visualization1
Getting to a State of 'Quantified Confidence'1
5 Key Building Blocks for a Successful Analytics Program1
Enhanced Campaigns – The Day Has Come…Sort of1
The Ultimate Guide to SEO Testing: Yes, it is Possible1
Better Medicine Through Mathematics1
Open Data: Averting Another Solyndra1
How BI Becomes Analytics at a Utility1
Digital Week ESPM1
Bid Adjustment Reporting in Google Analytics1
Intro to SiteCatalyst 15: Bookmarks1
The Benefits Of Location-Based Data – Whiteboard Wednesday1
A Simple Guide to Increasing Customer Lifetime Value: Focus on the First 5 Minutes1
The Checkered Life of Edward Snowden1
Too Many Ways of Keeping Score1
Why Track My Videos – The Essential Guide1
Digital Analytics Conference in Columbus, Ohio “Accelerates” Analytics Industry Knowledge1
Collect & Process Data Wisely1
Inside the Development Process of Our My Analytics App1
What Makes a Good Online Copywriter?1
3 Big Data Tracking Questions to Consider1
A2 Radio: Big-Data in Big Companies1
See the Forest, Now the Path1
Estudo sobre o engajamento do público nas redes sociais durante os programas televisivos1
The Successful Embrace Analytics1
5 Huge SEO Measurement Mistakes1
Robots.txt Case Study – How To Block and Destroy SEO with 5K+ Directives1
Mapping and Expanding the Digital Landscape & Web Journal July 15th – 21st, 20131
See-Think-Do: A Content, Marketing, Measurement Business Framework1
Establishing Website and Customer Value1
A Little Data About Detroit1
Slideshow: Doing Good With Data1
How NRI Netcom uses Analytics to measure user engagement of responsive web design1
How Do Colors Affect Purchases? The Video1
Hidden Secrets of the Amazon Shopping Cart 2.01
Don't Diss the Data – People Are the Problem1
Time to Retire the Net Promoter Score?1
Pass the Salt Along With That 'Data Science'1
Analytics in Pursuit of Quality1
5 AdWords Filters You Can Use Right Now1
Localytics Launches New Integration for ExactTarget HubExchange1
6 Mind-Blowing Customer Service Mistakes Made by Well-Known Brands1
Big-Data Sucks the Life out of These Vampires1
Like It? Me Too!1
Power Off to Dumb Dashboards1
A Cat on My Head Is the Least of My Problems1
A2 Radio: Delivering Federal Data Transparency1
Just for Fun1
Week 15 of the IQ Workforce #Measure Fantasy Baseball League1
Google Analytics Segmentation: Updated for Better Analysis1
Google Analytics Email Tracking, Part 21
Re-imagining Segmentation In Analytics To Help You Make Better Decisions, Faster1
Paid Search Bid Optimization With Google Analytics1
Interface Changes Coming to SiteCatalyst 151
How To Harness Mobile Efficiencies – Whiteboard Wednesday1
Highlights of XChange Europe 2013 in Berlin1
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RACI Matrix for Web Analytics Project1
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Content Experiments JavaScript API1
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Real-Time Widgets Now Available in Dashboards1
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Maximize and Maximizing Analytics, Geo-location Insights and Web Journals – April 6th – 16th 20131
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10 Lessons on Marketing (Poster)1
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Analytics Success at McDonald's Is a Team Effort1
Ford Speeds Along the Big-Data Highway1
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Test Image1
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Watching How We Do It: Video Blogs1
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Liquidize Your Data... & See It Clearly1
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Analysts are Movies. Executives are Snapshots.1
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Congratulations Semphonic!!1
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VoC Research : Site Surveys aren't Always the Answer1
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SMX Sydney 20131
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Does Anybody Care What Time It Is?1
A2 Next Week: Our Own March Madness1
IQ Blast – Vol.7 Issue 31
How to Increase Your Job Spam on LinkedIn1
Migrating to Universal Analytics1
Tracking Websites with Universal Analytics1
Tracking Ecommerce Transactions with Universal Analytics1
Expanding Universal Analytics into Public Beta1
Apple iOS UDID Banned1
10 Lessons on Leadership (Poster)1
Those pesky users and their plethora of devices1
Making the Grade on Analytics at Penn State1
#BigData100: Tweet Your Fave Big-Data Influencer1
A Stat to the Face1
Analytical Cultures: How to Nurture Yours1
Google Analytics Campaign Tagging Tool1
How To Properly Demote Sitelinks in Google Webmaster Tools1
Technology should support your goals, NOT slow you down!1
Leadership in the Age of Agility & Experimentation1
'I Won't Text & Drive' Is Easier Said Than Done1
Finding Joy in Visual Analytics1
Learn from Google at #SESNY 20131
A/B Testing – Whiteboard Wednesday1
The Power of The Progress Bar1
Counterpoint: Train for Data Visualization Skills1
Point: Data Visualization Calls for Specialization1
Data's Boomerang Effect1
Knowledge Squared1
Franchisees Need Big-Data Boost1
Marketing, Analytics e Big-data: Métricas On e Off-line1
The Locations Report in Google Analytics1
How to Grow Your Email List to 5 Digits and Beyond1
At GigaOm STRUCTURE:DATA CONFERENCE – Web Journal March 12th – 20th, 20131
Stop Playing Around With Weak Passwords1
Personalized Pricing: Here's How It's Done1
A2 Two-fer: Analytics on the Go & Big-Data Business Case1
3 Wishes for the Google+ Local Relocation Genie1
Analytics Education: Do You Need A Diploma? [cartoon]1
5 questions to Geddy Van Elburg on Digital Analytics and the EU Directive on Data Protection1
The Secret Guide to Video and SEO1
Big-Data: Is It About 'What' or 'Why'?1
Google Analytics Tips & Tricks From MeasureCamp1
Second X Change Europe conference in Berlin on June 10-12, 20131
Excellent Analytics Tip #23: Align Hits, Sessions, Metrics, Dimensions!1
Re-Thinking Your Survey Research – Asking the Right Questions1
Social Media Segments for Retail Industry1
Business Lessons From Mega-Entrepreneur Richard Branson1
Is There Data in Your Wallet?1
Analytical Innovators: Cool to Be Geeky1
Prompt Users To Upgrade Your App With In-App Messaging1
When the Apple Falls Too Far From the Tree – 10 Conversion Mistakes Being Made by the Tech Giant1
'Big Analytics' for Hospitality1
All Analytics Readers Demand Data Discretion1
Powering Predictions With Social Media Data1
Managing Technology Transfer for Analytics1
Think Differently To Maximize Value From Big Data Analytics1
9 Cringe-Worthy Social Media Bad Habits1
Google Analytics Premium expands to Japan1
Growing into an Agency1
Strategies for Preventing a Data Breach1
The Chinese Economy, by the Numbers, for Real1
Nonlinear Problems: When Brute Force Is Best1
Adobe Summit 20131
Downloads Don’t Matter – Whiteboard Wednesday1
News Consumers Learn Of New Pope Via Mobile1
If Landing Pages Were People – 3 Nasty Habits That Drive Prospects Away1
When is a Like more than just a Like? – Web Journal March 3rd – 12th, 20131
How Can You Evaluate This Kind of Performance?1
Gannett Data Debacle Continues to Unravel1
4 Objectives for Your Data Visualizations1
Venom Can Cure, Medical Insights Show1
Build Weighted Sort for GA Page Value1
Get Useful Insights Easier: Automate Cohort Analysis with Analytics & Tableau1
7 Surprising Ways to Grow Your Business on the Twitter Vine1
Adidas Strikes Gold Mining Social Media1
A2 Two-Fer: Social Media, Analytical Innovation1
Charting the Future via Simulation Analytics1
New: Managing Google Analytics User Permissions1
Demystifying Dynamic Search Ads: Set-Up & Targeting1
Enhancing Google Analytics Access Controls1
Once upon a Time in Marketing Land… Why Narrative is Key to Customer Engagement1
7 Usability Mistakes That Will Kill Your Online Sales1
How to Prevent Employee Burnout1
The Ultimate Guide to Customer Acquisition1
Entrepreneurial Lessons From Google All-Star and Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer1
Dealing with Social Media Criticism: Deflect, Defy, Defend?1
10 Ways to Make Customers Fall in Love with Your Business1
Native Advertising: Marketing Flop or Marketing Future?1
How to Get New Users to Become Paying Customers1
Entrepreneurial Lessons From Instagram Co-Founder Kevin Systrom1
Get Google Ads & Metrics for Every Situation1
Targeting Precision – Using Opinion Research for Campaign Measurement1
Douglas Adams Google Doodle1
Gannett Paper Exposes Gun Owners, Hides Hacks1
eBay Revs Up Efficiency Measurements1
Defining 'Big Analytics'1
How to Get New Users to Become Paying Customers1
Shootout at the Big-Data Corral1
Comparing the Anatomy of B2B Landing Pages1
Security Breaches and Predictive Analytics1
Native Advertising: Marketing Flop or Marketing Future?1
Data Visualization and Dashboard Design : Make Your Analytics Really Impactful1
Women Are Oh-So-Social - Now Measure That1
Twisting My Neck to Text1
Why We Need PR & SEO (and For Them to Work Together)1
Bluffer's Guide to NoSQL Databases1
Stop Words for Social Media Analytics1
Cohort Analysis Overview – Whiteboard Wednesday1
10 Ways to Make Customers Fall in Love with Your Business1
10 Data Visualization Thought Leaders1
Facebook Offers Desperation1
Residential Brokerages Fail to Tap Big-Data1
Help! I'm Being Mined by MOOCs1
It's About Big Data, Hairy Data1
Corporate Culture: Your Organization's Response to Stress1
Dealing with Social Media Criticism: Deflect, Defy, Defend?1
Enhanced Campaign Ready AdWords Editor 10.0 & Locating Auto-Backup AEA Files1
Learn About the 7 Factors of Bid Optimization1
Altering Reality & Losing Ourselves1
A2 Readers Say: Politicians, Get a Grip1
The Nurse Will See You Now1
Clicks to Bricks - Important Lessons For Retailers1
Building a Customer Intelligence System - a Data Warehouse for Customer Attitudinal Data1
Facebook Advertising Campaign Widget1
In-App Messaging Campaign – M-Commerce Deep Dive1
Beyond Web Analytics – Episode 65: Career Development with Michele Kiss & Corry Prohens1
Entrepreneurial Lessons From Google All-Star and Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer1
A2 This Week: More Learning in 2 Programs1
Transparency, Data & Too Much News1
Compensating for the “Streetlight Effect” Observational Bias in Google Analytics1
Big-Data Will Have Us Singing a New Tune1
3rd French-Belgian Web Analytics dinner in Kortrijk on March 14, 20131
30% af dine besøg kommer fra mobile enheder1
Is Google the Future of Search? WEB JOURNAL Feb 22-Mar 2nd, 20131
The Ultimate Guide to Customer Acquisition1
Get Your Pin: Get Visual!1
Making Sense of Scents1
Get Personal With Data Visualization1
How to Prevent Employee Burnout1
Hospitality Research You Should Be Using Now1
Get Visual With Your Analytics, but Take Care1
Historians versus Futurists – the Battle of Analysts?1
Using Big-Data to Solve a Big-Data Problem1
Metrics for Smart Content Management - Metric #6- Task Completion ROI1
6 Ways for Your Brand to Dominate Vine1
Top 1% Influencer Marketing Campaigns1
No More 'Muda' -- The Key to Analytic Efficiency1
Why would shoppers sign in?1
7 Usability Mistakes That Will Kill Your Online Sales1
5 Things You Should Be Doing With Google Mobile App Analytics Crash & Exception Measurement1
How to reach overseas shoppers at low cost (and master Google Shopping too)1
Enhanced Campaigns and Local Search | How To Use Bid Adjustments with Radius Targeting to Customize Bids Per Location [Tutorial]1
Visual Analytics: Prettying Up Big-Data1
Structuring Your Organization For Mobile – Whiteboard Wednesday1
Little Appetite for Genetically Modified Foods1
Visualizing the News1
Always Keep Your Goals In Mind [cartoon]1
Once upon a Time in Marketing Land… Why Narrative is Key to Customer Engagement1
Integrated Platform Enables Mindshare to Deliver Better Insights, Faster for Clients1
A2 Academy: Predictive Analytics Deep Dive1
The Risks of Super Fast Social Media1
Big-Data Gives Boost to Genomics Research1
The Ultimate Guide to Google Analytics Profile Filters1
Tony Hsieh, Zappos, and the Art of Great Company Culture1
Big-Data Security Analytics on Rise1
Three Campaigns Every App Should Consider1
Saving the Worst... Forever1
An Emerging Miracle: Native Advertising1
What Makes a Good Backlink Prospect? A Prospect Evaluation Framework for Link Building1
Use the Data1
Lessons from the Obama Campaign – Re-thinking Opinion Research1
Drink Less, Do Data More1
Excellent Analytics Tip #22: Calculate Return On Analytics Investment!1
Meeting at the Adobe Summit1
.@Kred Experience1
The Next Web Kills off Twitaholic?1
How to Make a Landing Page That C.O.N.V.E.R.T.S.1
A2 Radio Coming Tuesday: Analytics Certification1
Slideshow: Personal Data Mining Tools1
IQ Blast – Vol. 7 Issue 11
How to Market Your Mobile App1
First Comes the Storm, Then the Relief Fraudsters1
Putting Basic Business Modeling Into Practice1
Understand Updates To Your Account With Change History1
Lessons From NYC Social Media Week1
AdWords Enhanced Campaigns: 5 Great Features1
Metrics for Smart Content Management - Metric #5 - Navigation to Content Score (NCS)1
Storing the Seeds of the Future1
Facebook Graph Search and User Profiling – Web Journal – Feb 15-21st 20131
Tracking Add to Cart in Google Analytics using jQuery1
Tracking Removed Products from the Shopping Cart in Google Analytics with jQuery1
How to Track if Visitors are Copying Text from Your Website in Google Analytics with jQuery1
Tracking Form Field Errors in Google Analytics using jQuery1
Preparing for Analytics 3.0?1
Inside the Inventive and Entrepreneurial Mind of Elon Musk1
Are you a Datavore? Insights on the use of online customer data in decision-making1
Louisiana Pinpoints Food Stamp Fraudsters1
Key Metrics for Mobile and Web Analytics – Whiteboard Wednesday1
Sending Mixed Messages on Personalized Marketing1
Kiss & Make Up With IT1
Missed Opportunities: Risk, Reward & Mountains of Cash1
How To Conduct a Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Project1
On Tap: Big-Data Class & Search E-Chat1
Infographic: How Mobile is Changing Business1
Top Three Marketing Trends for 20131
PHP SEO: Page-Level Titles, Meta Descriptions, & More1
Too Much Data for Job Seekers to Hide1
A PR Dashboard for Google Analytics1
That Robot Is Derailing My Train1
Overview Of Product Recommendation Engines1
How Quibb Keeps Daily Email Open Rates between 50% and 70%1
Has Twitter Ads violated Tobacco Advertising Laws?1
Campanhas, métricas e Asimov1
Twitter clients throughout the years1
Fun With Numbers1
Demystifying Dynamic Search Ads: The Pros & Cons1
Analyze for Accuracy or Precision, or Vice Versa1
Improving e-commerce analytics with Universal Analytics1
Returns Management System hacking with Google Analytics1
ShopStyle ShopSense Fails Affiliates1
Google Weather Widget Expands to Desktop Results1
Why Measurement Doesn't Matter : A Guide for Confused, Annoyed, or Disappointed Decision-Makers1
IRS Sees Surge in Refund Fraud, ID Theft1
The Data Dump: Feeling It on Wall Street1
Best Practices Guide – Mobile Commerce Apps for Retailers1
How to Combine Custom Audiences in Facebook Ads to Enhance Your Targeting [Tutorial]1
Analyze This: Buried in Snow, Bare Fridge1
Here's Why We Need Analytics for Security1
Data Analyst at Baystate Health, Springfield, Massachusetts1
Weighing In on Analytics Career Choices1
Spreading the News on Social Media1
How to Optimize Your Mobile Landing Page for Conversions: Example1
How to Become a Mobile Marketing Success Story1
Upgrade To The Next Generation Mobile App Analytics Platform1
Metrics for Smart Content Management - Metric #4 - Content Distribution Index (CDI)1
Optimizing Social Video Content for Links1
The Global Nature Of Big Data And Analytics1
The Power of Imagination and Web Journal – 2/6/13 – 2/13/131
Why Following Design Trends Can Turn Your Website Refresh into a Colossal Waste of Time & Money1
Multi-Currency E-Commerce Support In Google Analytics1
Mobile vs. Web Introduction – Whiteboard Wednesday1
A2 Radio: Why Human Capital Analytics Matters1
What Big Brands Can Teach You About Increasing Your App’s Revenue – Guest Post1
Got a Data Question? Just Ask the Community1
Note to Utilities: Improve Analytics, Reduce Outages1
Senior Web Analyst at Sirius XM Radio New York1
Senior Web Analyst Sirius Xm Radio at District of Columbia1
Big-Data & Security Converge With Analytics1
The Visual Art Behind Data Science1
Analytics Education - Resources & Academic Programs1
Languages Report in Google Analytics1
Of Big-Data, Bono & a Better World1
Inside Google’s Culture of Success and Employee Happiness1
Verify Your Measurement Setup With Tag Assistant1
A2 Two-fer: Big-Data & Human Capital Analytics1
Data Visualization & Predictive Analytics1
Data Marriages1
It Can't Be Junk Mail If It's Personalized1
How successful online businesses create urgency: 10 examples1
Marketing Analyst, You Better Up Your Game1
Pre-paid, Reloadable & Ready for Your Analytics1
Updates: December 20121
What is ‘Big Data’ – Shortening the Path to Enlightenment1
Google+ starts to censor content shared1
Twitter offers LOLcat language support1
Interview with Michele Kiss1
IQ Blast – Vol. 6 Issue 241
Google Tag Manager: Implementation webinar video, cheat-sheet, and Q&A1
Webinar #14: The Two Ways to Fill the Customer Feedback Gap that’s Crippling Your Online Business1
The Data Dump: Math Made Easy... & Easier1
Measuring to Make a Difference1
Pricing as a Strategic Tool1
Analytics Gives Rise to Smart Buildings1
The Unfortunate Analytics of NYC Living1
Google Analytics for PR1
User Segmentation Webinar Available for Download1
How to Build an Email Marketing Machine: Gangnam Style1
PPC Pro – You’re Being Replaced1
Who do they think you are?1
A Message to Analytics Sorts: Go for It!1
Go Ahead: Dig in My Data1
Secrets of a Software Vendor1
No Loans for You – Despite Good Credit Scores1
Metrics for Smart Content Management - Metric #3 - Content Engagement Score (CES)1
Metrics for Smart Content Management - Metric #3 - Content Engagement Score (CES)1
My experience with DABC 3: Gearing up for the future!1
PPC Competitor Strategy Talk: Your Brand vs. the World1
A Call To Action For Fundamental Improvements In Digital Analytics1
Android has new top device; Samsung maintains dominance1
Entrepreneurial Lessons from Mark Zuckerberg1
2-7-13 VenueLabs Geo-Local Industry Benchmarks and Infographics – Web Journal1
Finding You Via Location Analytics1
Balancing Creativity & Control1
The Sound & Fury of Enterprise-Wide Process Management1
First Comes Clarity, Then Come the Tools & Data1
IIA February 2013 Newsletter1
Don't Be Afraid Of Mistakes [cartoon]1
Adobe Digital Marketing Summit 20121
It’s time again to #ACCELERATE1
Riding the Digital Analytics Wave1
The Digital (Analytics) Divide …1
Google Analytics Custom Tagging – Part 11
Google Analytics Custom Tagging – Part 21
Anniversary Musings – 4 Years and Going Strong!1
Thoughts of Expansion1
2012 Summary, Goals for 20131
YouTube Analytics1
How to Unlock Your ‘Not Provided’ Keywords in Google Analytics1
The Great Pandemic - Just a Matter of Time1
Someone Is Always Watching1
Deleting Goals in Google Analytics1
Win moments that matter in 2013 with Learn with Google webinars1
Facebook Offers You to Keep up with The Sun?1
SAS Visual Analytics: See Demos Galore & More1
Rock, Paper, Scissors – Trend!1
Bright Colors, Cool Graphics, Better Health1
The Power and Danger of Data Visualization1
Pan-Session Analysis With Google Analytics1
The Best of...Online Customer Research, Social Media Measurement, Big Data, and Digital Strategy1
What's the Deal With DNA Data Storage?1
Building Data Scientist Capability1
Optimize Your Website with SiteApps and GA1
How to Track the ROI of Your Online Advertising Campaigns1
2/1/13 SocialBakers World Tour and Web Journal #mgartr131
9 Insider Tips for Creating a Killer Explainer Video1
11 Keyword Targeting Mistakes1
Can You Optimize This? A Mobile Landing Page1
Excited and feels amazing to see as Nominee for “Digital Analytics Raising Star” in DAA Awards – its an Honor1
PEAD Primer: Analyzing Hospitality Stocks1
3 Considerations for Defining Your Career Scope1
A2 Radio: Big-Data & the New Analytics Reality1
Os diferentes objetivos do monitoramento em mídias sociais1
Big-Data Minutiae From 20,000 Feet in the Air1
Tell Me What to Think, Please!1
What Banks Know About You Could Be Good1
Why Customer-Centric Banking Analytics Scares Me1
AdWords Remarketing på search1
How to Keep Email Marketing Manageable1
Preventing duplicate transactions inflating Google Analytics data1
In 5 or 10 years from now, where do you see yourself?1
Welcome to the New & Improved All Analytics!1
The ABCs of the F-L-U1
Slideshow: Weird Ways of Looking at Big-Data1
Metrics for Smart Content Management - Metric #2 - Mission Critical Content Effectiveness (MCCE)1
If That SEO Tool Didn’t Exist . . .1
Conversion Rate Optimization Maturity Model1
The Science of Virality – Marketing Lessons from Internet Cats1
Why You Won’t Crush It This Year!1
Dashboards, Advanced Segments, And Custom Reports For Your Business Needs1
Better Writing for Data Analysts1
A2 Quick Poll: The Dark Side of Data1
The Cost of a Bad Hire in Analytics: $99,0001
Site Search Flow in Google Analytics1
Context Is Everything [cartoon]1
Kindle Fire Drives US Android Tablet Dominance1
7 Incredible Web Design, Branding, Digital Marketing Experiences1
They’re Getting Band Back Together1
How Acquiring a Website Can Be a Faster Path to Profit1
Digital Analytics Association Awards Are Back1
Ping Me With My Ad Data1 finds that traditional conversion tracking significantly undervalues non-brand search1
Ravens + Analytics = Super Bowl?1
What You Say at Work Stays at Work1
The Big Data Shakeout in 2013 – Creative Destruction Underway1
Increasing Your Analytics Productivity With UI Improvements1
The 4 Elements That Make Great Company Culture1
Get Your Pin: Data Model? I Sure Do!1
Make a University Partnership Your Big-Data Weapon1
Get a Grip on Data Storage Policies1
Awards of excellence 2013 – Digital Analytics Association1
Good SEO for Gain: 2 Ways to Get Links While Giving Back1
Multi-armed Bandit Experiments1
The 5 Biggest Misconceptions About Using Instagram for Business1
Social Media for The Arts e-Learning and Rutgers University #mgartr13 on Rutgers TV (RuTV)1
Tableau Google Analytics Connector1
E-Chat Thursday: The Enterprise Social Network1
Social Media & Lodging Performance1
Disenfranchised by Big-Data1
Strategic Workforce Planning1
The Not Very Secret Lives of E-Book Readers1
Google Tag Manager: Technical Implementation Deep Dive Webinar1
Attribution Modeling & Multi-Channel Funnels With Google Analytics - Beyond Last Click1
2012 In Review – Localytics Expands Leadership, Triples Revenue, Customers and Team1
5 Ways to Make Your E-Commerce Website Search Feature Convert1
Facebook Promoting News Pages1
Knowledge, Uncertainty, and ideology in digital analytics1
Pinger Taps Into Mobile Ad Optimization1
ODCA Takes On Big-Data in New Primer1
Spending Money to Save Money1
Metrics for Smart Content Management - Metric #1 - Task Completion Effectiveness (TCE)1
Leituras Básicas para Digital Analytics1
Mozscape API Application Tutorial1
Facebook Graph Search – My Initial Thoughts on Speed, Privacy, Reputation Management, Not Provided, and more1
Oil & Gas Supermajors Push Forward on Analytics1
Measuring and Evaluating your Social Media Program: A Comprehensive Whitepaper1
12 Business Lessons You Can Learn from Amazon Founder and CEO Jeff Bezos1
Seeing Will Be Believing for the Business1
Zapier automates web tasks1
American Airlines Rebrand1
Affiliate Management Days1
How Do You 'Do'?1
For Your Viewing Pleasure...1
Prediction for 2013: More Lively Visualizations1
7 Things You MUST Understand When Leveraging Social Proof in Your Marketing Efforts1
01/17/13 Social Media For the Arts Presentation @Rutgers #ruoc1
E-Chat Friday: The ROI of Marketing Analytics1
Visualizing What Questions to Ask of the Data1
McDonald's Is Anything but Average With Analytics1
Analytics Rule No. 1: Know Your Environment1
Workforce Optimization Triggers Conference Protest1
Avoiding Cognitive Bias in Conversion Optimization and Content Experiments1
Kapitall Uses Content Experiments To Drive A 44% Conversion Increase1
Website Testing With The Tip Of Your Toe [cartoon]1
Implementing Localytics in Your Hybrid App1
How to Avoid the Destructive Power of Adjectives in Your Marketing Copy1
Insurer Sees Visual Analytics as Must-Have1
Down to the Basics of Business Modeling Concepts1
Retailers Cross Channels to Reach Customers1
YouTube Analytics1
What Startups Can Learn From Netflix1
1/15/13 – Semantic Maps, NetBase, UC Irvine Social Media Measurement and Evaluation & Rutgers COHLIT conference – Web Journal1
Flu Data: Healthcare Workers, Get Your Shots1
By Any Name, Retailers Need Big-Data1
Live from NRF (Day 1): Analytics Driving Retail Success1
E-BOOK: Getting Started with Google Analytics Custom Alerts1
Google Universal Analytics: A User-Centric Approach1
Are You Making These Common Website Navigation Mistakes?1
Search and Social became one in 20121
Zamboni Google Doodle1
Calling All Students: Enter an Analytics Competition1
A New Method to Track Keyword Ranking using Google Analytics1
Know Your Perimeters, Parameters & Paradigms1
Retailers Warm Up to Big-Data1
Metrics for Smart Content Management1
Google Consumer Surveys and How You Can Leverage for PPC1
Creating a Comprehensive Digital Measurement Strategy: Building the Plan1
10 Google Analytics Resolutions for 20131
Windows 8 Analytics Introduction – C# and Javascript1
How to Track the ROI of Your Social Media Campaigns1
Fanning the Flames of Big Data1
Get Your Fix of Flu Data1
O que rolou no blog da dp6 em 2012…1
Driving Analytic Value From New Data1
Location Analytics: All About Watching You1
How Analytics Heroes Tame Big-Data1
E-Chat Today: Analytics in Media Planning1
5 Reasons Why Analytics Jobs Stay Open For 6+ Months1
Must-Have Analytics Customizations for Any Business1
Website Not Investing In Analytics [cartoon]1
Sales for Startups: How to Transition From Self Service to Enterprise Sales1
Big-Data Overload... Relax, It's Only a Game1
Retail Transaction Analytics: Let the Fun Begin!1
A Picture Explains a Lot of Data1
SEO for PDFs1
Insights for 2013: Understanding Your Customers & The Full Value of Digital1
December Smart Device Shares Show A Very Tablet Christmas1
Why Conversion Optimization Strategy Trumps Tactics Every Time1
Google+ Influences Google Images1
1/10/13 Invasion of the Hackathons & Other News – Web Journal Early January 20131
The Value Is in the Network1
What's Hot in Retail for 2013?1
Math vs. Data: Exploring the Big-Data Buzz1
R.I.S.K. -- Risk Management for the Future1
Shake Me, I'm Dreaming...1
IIA January 2013 Newsletter1
Sell More This Year by Not “Selling” at All – 3 Simple Guidelines, and One Perfect Secret Weapon1
Effective Ways to Post Links on Facebook1
Retailers Want Their Way With You1
SAS Tops for Big-Data Predictive Analytics1
Drive Lately? Big Brother Is Watching1
The Surprising Narcissism of Big-Data1
How Responsive Web Design affects analytics and CRO1
4 Common SEO Misconceptions1
How To Build Your Analytics Confidence1
Google+ Red Box Of Secrets1
Avoid the Headline Holdup: Learn How to Unplug The Bottleneck in Your Business1
Google Plus Needs to Become Content Marketing Friendly1
Pricing Optimization Becoming More Prevalent1
Big Data Is Breaking Our Hearts1
2013, Year of the Contractor1
The Art and Science of Analysis, Part 21
2012 Summary, Goals for 20131
Data Visualizations Beg Your Attention1
How to Not Get Ghost Banned on Social Media Sites1
Employ Adam Billboard Campaign1
Setting Priorities for Real-World Utility Analytics1
Is That the Sound of a Bubble Bursting?1
Asking the right questions to the right sources1
How to Make Your Email Open and Click-Through Rates Skyrocket1
An exciting new adventure at Web Analytics Demystified1
Faulty Redirects, Duplicate Content, and SEO – How a Redirect Glitch Created Hundreds of Thousands of Duplicate Pages1
The Year of Statistics Is Here - Now Celebrate!1
Deeds Not Words1
Big-Data 2013: Load Up the Confetti Cannons1
Open Your Analytics to 'Animal Spirits'1
Frack the Data: It's Scary1
Press Release Syndication: For PR, SEO or Neither?1
Marketing Analytics: From Signup To Retention1
Konference kun om konverteringsoptimering1
The Top 50 KISSmetrics Posts of 20121
Looking forward to the 2013 – Web Journal – Late December 2012, Early January 20131
Harvesting Big-Data From Your Insides1
Nielsen Socializes TV Ratings System1
Google Analytics Tips: 10 Data Analysis Strategies That Pay Off Big!1
Measurement that Matters1
5 Ways to Automate Your Pinterest Marketing Strategy1
Using Google Analytics to Generate Leads and a Tool to Help1
Como viví la Analítica Web este 20121
The Ethics of SaaS1
Data Analytics Is Harder Than It Looks1
Analytics Keep SLC's Light Rail on Track1
Things We Learned About Big-Data in 20121
Another year in Web…sorry Digital Analytics – Happy new analytyear!1
5 Google Products That Failed and What Startups Can Learn From It1
Pancakes Make Us Happier Than Pizza1
Collapsing myths in digital marketing1
My 2013 New Year’s Resolutions for PPC1
How to Use Contests and Giveaways to Get User-Generated Content1
Introducing SEO Bootcamp Princeton, A Hands-On SEO Training Course in Princeton NJ1
Conversion Optimization 101: Planning Successful Social Media Landing Pages1
What to Do With Unstructured Data1
Schema in Adobe Insight1
Planning Is Worthless Without Implementation [cartoon]1
What You Can Learn About Mobile Marketing from Today’s Top Retailers1
Get Curious in 20131
Don't Confuse the Conceptual With the Logical1
The 5 “Must Have” Metrics for Your SaaS Business1
122112 December 21, 2012 Presentation – Web Journal on 12.21.121
Can You Really Get More Klout?1
FTC to Data Brokers: Cough Up the Info1
'Tis the Season of Timely Shipping1
Get Ready to Celebrate!1
Google Analytics Metrics and Dimensions1
Video: Remarketing Webinar and Q&A1
How to Steer Your Company Away From its Own Fiscal Cliff1
The Most Undervalued Analytics Tool: Communication [with Executives & Stakeholders]1
The Most Undervalued Analytics Tool: Communication [with Partners]1
The Year of the Analyst1
#eMetrics presentation: Communication1
#eMetrics Boston: Twitterific!1
#eMetrics Boston 2012: Key Takeaways1
The Return on Investing in Training and Education1
DMA 2012: These are a few of my favourite themes1
Digital Privacy: Benefits, Education and Building the Road to Trust1
Want data? Learn to share1
Gilt Groupe Gets Personal With Mobile Members1
Tell Your Story1
Reflecting & Looking Ahead1
Gut-Feel Isn't Good Enough1
Big-Data: A Day at the Beach1
REGEX TOOL: The Regexinator, A Google Analytics RegEx Include Filter Compiler1
Extract Insights Across Datasets with SumAll1
Best Of 2012: Google Analytics, Big Data & Visualizations1
Analyze This: 3 Techniques Every SaaS Product Marketer Should Know1
What to Give a Data Lover 20121
Which Bits Are the Important Bits?1
Hadoop: Take Care Before You Whoop It Up1
E-Chat Today: Using AI to Mine & Analyze Legal Data1
Parceria Optimizely1
3 Great Content Sites and What You Can Learn From Them1
Have I Got a Deal for You1
To Buy or Not to Buy, Right Now1
Campaign Attribution is Broken1
Use Google Analytics to Design Your Mobile Site1
Certified Web Analyst1
Trackbacks in Google Analytics – How To Analyze Inbound Links in GA’s Social Reports1
Creating a Comprehensive Digital Measurement Strategy: From Data Science to Data Integration1
How to Add Annotations in Adobe Insight?1
Be Consistent With Multiple Measurement Tools [cartoon]1
2013 Predictions for the Analytics Community1
Driving Sales with SEO: Optimizing for Bottom-of-Funnel Keywords1
'Love This Place,' Hate This Review1
Big-Data Meltdown & 7 Other 2013 Predictions1
Analytical Code: No Place for Secrecy1
Welcome Back, Google Maps1
Will The Big Data Bubble Burst In 2013?1
The KISSmetrics Guide to Blogging1
The CMO’s Marketing Analytics Optimization Framework1
LinkedIn – My Review after GUI change1
Scaling Up for Speedier Analytic Diagnostics1
Personalization or Privacy: The Fine Line1
Building the Ultimate XML Sitemap1
Pull Analytics Data Into Tableau With New Connector1
Google Analytics in Real Life: What would your customer experience look like?1
5 Ways Quentin Tarantino Can Help You Increase Reader Engagement1
Web Conversion Specialist Destination at Maternity Corporation, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania1
E-Chat Friday: How Big-Data Can Help Fix Higher Ed1
Take Our Reader Survey & Bring in a New Day1
Sprinkling Insight on Holiday Meal Planning1
The Quest for Better HR Analytics1
IQ Workforce #Measure Fantasy Football League Update – Week 141
Segment Your GA Data by Demographics with UserReport1
Sådan sporer du interne søgninger1
New iPads Combine for 4% of All Apple Tablets in November1
How to Run A/B Tests That Give Your Business Big Wins1
2013 Predictions & heralding in Imminent Change – Marshall Sponder’s Web Journal on 12/12/12 December 12th 20121
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dp6 no InterCon 20121
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Analista de Business Intelligence (BI)1
Estagiário de Buzz Intelligence (pesquisa em mídias sociais)1
Analista de Buzz Intelligence (pesquisa em mídias sociais)1
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Analista de SEO (Search Engine Optimization)1
Estagiário de SEM (links patrocinados)1
Social Media Manager1
Analista de SEM (links patrocinados)1
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Predictive Modelers Battle the Hackers1
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Too Much Data in the Palm of Your Hand1
Milking Analytics, Literally1
The Nine Ingredients That Make Great Content1
Xbox Music replaces Zune1
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Real Time Analytics Supports Profiles1
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New Linkedin Profiles1
The Number 1 Rule for Content Marketing1
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The Importance of Going Directly to Where Your Customers Are1
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4 Tips to Maximize Your Small PPC Budget1 screenshot implies @Wotif link to sex offenders1
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Global Multichannel Consumer Behaviour (Research/Purchase) Analysis1
Choosing the Right Big Data Technology Stack for Digital Marketing1
The Return on Investing in Training and Education1
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10 Branding Lessons That Every Business Graduate Should Know (But Doesn’t)1
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Last Minute Secrets to Boost Holiday 2012 Sales1
Data 'Dynamo' Wins 2012 Stewies Award1
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Williams-Sonoma Relies on Relevance1
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IQ Workforce #Measure Fantasy Football League Update – Week 41
Troubleshooting with Real Time Reports1
The Startup’s Guide to Facebook Fan Pages1
Completely Wrong1
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#eMetrics Boston 2012: Key Takeaways1
Speaking at the Amplification Academy – October 11th, 2012 – Web Journal1
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Marketing in the Tech Titan Era1
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Matriz BCG aplicada em Business Intelligence – Parte 11
Social Media Sentiment Analysis – LunaTV Ep. 201
These 5 Squeeze Page Tricks Have Helped Me Get Up To 58.6% Opt-In Rates1
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Vehicle Wholesaler Drives Into Advanced Analytics1
4 Key Benefits of High-Performance Analytics1
Avoid a Tug-of-War With the Gut-Based Executive1
Ask the Right Questions About Big-Data1
3 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Facebook1
Staying One Step Ahead with Mouse-Based Targeting1
Beyond the Basics: 30 Fresh Social Media Tips for 20121
Conversion Rate 101: Effective Pricing Tables1
When You Think of Apple, Think of Trees & Pies1
Data Reseller Digs Up Twitter Graveyard1
Google AdWords Even Ad Rotation Update: Take 31
eMetrics presentation: Communication1
Getting the Data to Tell It’s Secrets : Thoughts from X Change1
Join me at Strata Conf on October 23rd NYC where I’m speaking about Analytics in the Real World1
Social Dynamics in Social Media Marketing1
Unforgettable: 10 “Purple Cow” Websites to Spark Your Imagination and Your Creativity1
Conversion Conference London Keynotes1
Local SEO fails with algo updates1
Must haves of Analytics Platforms – see my article in AllAnalytics.com1
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3 Musts You'd Find in an Ideal Analytics Platform1
Till Death Do Us Part (Unless the Math Tells Us Otherwise)1
IIA October 2012 Newsletter1
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E-Chat Wednesday: Analytics Mobility, the Community Way1
Lawsuit, iPhone 5 Spur Samsung Galaxy Sales1 on SAS & Hadoop1
Analytics, Integrated Into the Everyday1
Peter O’Neill – event organiser?1
E-book “Como monitorar as mídias sociais e ter insights para seu negócio”1
All About Google Tag Manager1
Preview and Publishing Tags with Google Tag Manager1
Implementing Google Analytics with Google Tag Manager1
Getting Started with Google Tag Manager1
Introducing Google Tag Manager1
Augmenting Effortless SEO1
The Only Innovation Guide You’ll Ever Need1
Metrics Are Politics1
Telecom Providers Target Trend Influencers1
Digital marketing made (much) easier: Introducing Google Tag Manager1
Google Tag Manager: A Step-By-Step Guide1
The New Analytics Challenge: Keeping Women in the Workforce1
Weak Links Between Driving & Insurance Rates1
Conversion rate optimisation – small steps, big results1
Hey @ITPro_au Polling Method Not Implemented1
Teething issues with @crikey_news relaunch1
The Power of Symbols and Web Journal – Sept 24th – 30th 20121
Thinking Agile : Thoughts from X Change1
eMetrics Stockholm in October1
iDate – Internet Dating Conference1
German-speaking Google Analytics User Conference and Training Day1
How to Increase Your Mobile App Sales With A/B Testing1
Conversion Optimization 101: Pricing Tables – Ecommerce1
Slideshow: Battling BitSwarms in Datapolis1
Wanted: Managers With Data Know-How1
You're Dead, but Your Data Lives on1
The Analytic Heroes in our Midst1
IQ Blast – Vol. 6 Issue 151
Google Analytics Mobile App SDK Updates - iOS6 Support And More1
Web Analytics Rendez-vous on Social Analytics featuring Jacques Warren (Canada), on October 24th, 2012 in Lille1
Now You Can Be Your Own Jedi Master of Data1
3 Big-Data Companies to Watch1
Data Scientists Will Not Be Replaced by Automation1
Automation Will Change Data Science Beyond Recognition1
Tools for Building Link Relationships1
5 Things to Do If Your Competition Is Making Your Life a Living Hell1
Share Your Aha! Before It's Too Late to Win1
Data Mining for the Masses: Live E-Chat Wednesday!1
May the College Admission Odds Be Ever in Your Favor1
Hybrid Strategy Management1
One App, One Week, Unimaginable Amounts of Data1
AdWords for Small Business – Automated Rules – LunaTV Ep. 191
Mobile-friendly sites turn visitors into customers1
Why You Should Replace Your Sales Reps with Ambassadors1
How To Share Budgets Across Google AdWords Campaigns Using The New Share Budget Feature [Tutorial]1
Build-A-Bear Finds a Friend in Data1
The Analytics of Happiness: Revisiting an Age-Old Algorithm1
Give Me Access, or Forget About Using My Data1
Why You Need a Custom Report for Page-Level Custom Variables1
The On-Page SEO Recipe for Peak Inbound Marketing Efficiency1
Effective Measurement in a Multi-Channel World1
Decision to Make in an Uncertain Future? Try the Payout Matrix1
The Dangers of Stalking Ex-Lovers on Facebook1
55+ Google Analytics Custom Alerts – The Check Engine Light For Your Data1
Web Journal and New Tools – Sept 15th – 23rd 20121
Facebook Advertising / Marketing: Best Metrics, ROI, Business Value1
Netbase Social Smarts Presentation Archive is now Available1
Sallie Mae Makes Data Stewardship an Everyday Affair1
Social that Adds Up1
Webinar #10 – How To Make The Most Profitable Pricing Plan For Your Subscription Business1
What Keeps Retailers Awake at Night in 2012 [Videos]1
Nokia Sees Data as Its Saving Grace1
Reducing the Pitfalls of M-Payments1
Customer-Centric Analytics: Balancing Retention & Profitability1
Big-Data Killed the Video Store... & Other Retailers1
Hello Google Consumer Surveys, hello attitudinal information1
International Adwords Campaigns: 5 Tips to Remember1
The Interconnected World of Growth Hackers1
The Marketing Cloud by Salesforce1
Getting HR Into the Big-Data Mix1
Any Big-Data Startups Need $50K?1
How Posadas uses Event Tracking to analyze conversion funnel abandonment1
Ecommerce Filtering and Custom Variables1
A Sales Channel And A Market Research Tool [video]1
Alder og køn i AdWords1
How To Turn Your Customers Into Marketers1
New forms of Media and Netbase Social Smarts Presenation1
Just Released: The Website Testing & Optimization – Buyer’s Guide for the Enterprise: Second Edition1
Tutoring the UBC Award of Achievement in Digital Analytics1
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'Unstructured Data': Why This Popular Term Is Really a Contradiction1
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Hashtag Discovery Tools1
Google Analytics User Conference, October 3 - 41
Google Analytics Sampling Demystified1
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Rearming the Supply Chain1
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Why “The Fold” Is A Myth – And Where To Actually Put Your Calls To Action1
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When It's High Time for Low Tech1
Big-Data Moves Down to the Farm1
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Localytics Raises $5.5M, Launches App Marketing Platform1
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Dumbing Down the Big-Data Message1
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Sideværdi, profil kopiering, nye metrics og andre undergrundsnyheder1
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Reflecting on the First Half of the Year1
Tell a Story1
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New York Times Small Business Summit – 6-25-12 + Semphonic Webinar on Big Data on 6-26-121
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EU Cookie / Privacy Laws: Implications On Data Collection And Analysis1 Algo Change?1
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NYU ITP CAMP Presentation and Web Journal – Week of June 18th, 20121
Upcoming Event: How to Approach Big-Data With SAS VP of Big-Data, Paul Kent1
Making Complaints Part of the Analytics Process1
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Microsoft Surface Tablet1
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Twitter Tool for Increased Engagement1
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IQ Workforce at eMetrics Chicago June 25th & 26th1
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Google Wallet is smarter at eCommerce1
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Operationalizing Greatness1
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