Check this report before you invest in a Web Analytics Solution

Last week CMS Watch released the latest Web Analytics Report. This report by Phil Kemelor, the lead analyst of this Report, reviews and compares several web analytics tools in the market. The web analytics tools reviewed in this reports are

24/7 Real Media – Open Ad Stream
AuriQ Systems – RTMetrics
Coremetrics – Online Analytics
Digital River – Fireclick Advanced Warehouse
Fovinace – WebAbacus v5.2
Google – Google Analytics
IndexTools – Web Analytics 9.0
Lyris – ClickTracks
Nedstat – Sitestat
Omniture – SiteCatalyst 13.5
SageMetrics – SageAnalyst
Unica – Affinium Netinsight 7.2
Visual Sciences – HBX Analytics 4.0 (Now Owned by Omniture)
Visual Sciences – Visual Science Platform 5.0
WebTrends – Analytics 8

This is definitely one of the most comprehensive reports I have seen on this subject. Whether you are new to web analyst or a seasoned web analytics professional this report will help you. The report covers basic information about web analytics, current methods of data collection and describes business case for web analytics. Then it provides an in-depth review of the process to follow to ensure the successful purchase of web analytics tool. And finally it provides in-depth review of the various tools. In this report, you will also find that you have more choice of tools (based on your business needs and budget) than you might think.

According to Phil Kemelor, “The web analytics marketplace has seen some instability and consolidation — such as ClickTracks and SageMetrics being acquired by larger entities, and Omniture’s imminent acquisition of Visual Sciences — and this has led some to believe that web analytics has become a two-party system. But don’t believe the hype that Google Analytics and Omniture are your only choices, because that’s hardly the case.”

If you are looking to buy a web analytics solution then my recommendation is to start with this report. This report will prepare you with the questions that you might not normally think of to ask the web analytics solution providers. In my years of experiences I have seen several cases where a company invests in a tool without understanding fully what they are getting into in terms of functionality, support, Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), licensing agreements etc, this report will provide you the required information so that you can avoid those pitfalls and make a sound investment decision. The report will pay for itself on the very first day.


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