Anil Batra for WAA Board of Directors

I am running for the Web Analytics Association Board of Directors position. The voting for the position is now open. I will appreciate if you can support me and vote for me. If you are wondering why you should vote for me then please read my answers to the question WAA nomination committee asked me (below). If you have any questions, you can always reach me at 425-442-2036, or @anilbatra on Twitter.

Thank you for your support.

WAA nomination committee Q&A

Anil Batra Chief Analytics Officer, Ascentium

I have over 13 years of experience in Online Marketing, Web Analytics, Behavioral Targeting, Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Product Management, Team Management, and Consulting. I am a team leader with proven skills in building, leading and managing cross-functional teams, and tackling complex key strategic issues. I bring a unique blend of Marketing and Technical Skills.

I hold a B. Tech in Electronics and Communication Engineering from India and an MBA from University of Washington, Seattle

My blog is one of the top Web Analytics, Behavioral Targeting and Online Advertising Blogs in the world. I am also a speaker at various web analytics and online marketing conferences and events and contributor to leading industry research.

What major contribution will you bring to Web Analytics Association and its membership?

I have been active in Web Analytics community via various activities that include

  • Blog on Web Analytics, Online Advertising and Behavioral Targeting to help spread the knowledge I gain from working with various clients and tools
  • Online Tutor for UBC courses – My interest in educating got me interested in this program
  • Contributor to UBC course work
  • Speaker and panelist at various conferences including eMetrics
  • Organizing and participating in Web Analytics Wednesday in Seattle area
  • Free Seminars on Web Analytics
  • Contributed to last year’s CMS Watch Report
  • Wrote a paper on Bounce Rates to help companies understand what to expect from bounce rates
  • Whitepaper on Website Optimization Landscape
  • Active on Web Analytics Yahoo group, helping people resolve their issues related to web analytics
  • Started a section called “Ask an Expert” on my site to get some free advice on various topic in digital marketing
  • Instructor for various WAA Base Camps

Why should members vote for you?

I have been contributing to the industry and will continue to do so. I am dedicated to the field of Web Analytics.

I have worked with people/organizations that are just starting to use web analytics to companies who have been using web analytics for years, involved with optimization and now looking to bring other data sources together and other thinking about or working on personalization, behavioral targeting, predictive analytics, social media etc.

Being involved in the conversation with people at all levels and different countries I hear various views and I will make sure your voice is heard at WAA board.

Having been worked on both IT and Marketing sides I understand the needs for both of them and will represent both sides.

I am open-minded and always solicit feedback. I am enjoy new challenges and am ready to take on the challenge take WAA to next level.

Where do you think the Web Analytics Association should be in the next two years?

Many organizations that have already been doing web analytics for some time and now are looking at web analytics can be extended or enhanced to help them get a 360 view of customer and hence optimize their marketing efforts. This includes CRM systems, Social media etc.

On the other hand many organizations are still getting warmed up to Web Analytics and learning how web analytics can help them improve their bottom line.

In light of these two developments, education at all levels will continue to be a key initiative for WAA.

WAA is already an international organization but continued focus on expanding internationally will be key for WAA. Since business spans continents these days, we will need to make sure international voices are heard as we develop standards and best practices.

New media, tools, technologies will continuously need to be taken into account as we develop education, standards and best practices.

What is the biggest challenge facing the digital marketing industry?

New technologies and new form of media is emerging. The challenge will be to interconnect different customer touch points and get a comprehensive view and optimize accordingly. As we connect these data points it will be critical to makes sure we do not compromise the privacy of visitors/customers.

One Reply to “Anil Batra for WAA Board of Directors”

  1. Hi Anil,

    My vote will always go for you.

    Besides your numerous achievements in web analytics and online marketing, you are a great human being and role model for beginners like me, providing necessary guidance and direction from time to time.

    The Web Analytics Association will be greatly benefited with someone like your background, passion and dedication.

    Good luck! 🙂

    Ashish Kothari
    Wilfrid Laurier University Press, Waterloo, Canada

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