Analyzing and Optimizing Ad Campaigns – Part 1

I am going to start this series of post with few questions for you.  Here is some data pulled from a Web Analytics tool. This data is for a “Display Ad” campaign:

Most of the web analysts today get the following view of display advertising from their Web Analytics tool.  Looking at this data and some publicly available information they will get started on the analysis and recommendation.
Though some other analysts will say, Wait… I need more information.  Google Adwords has done such a great job in providing cost data and almost all of the analysts have dealt with some kind of paid search campaign, so they know that cost of campaign plays a role in the analysis of campaign.  So they demand it.  Well this is where most of the web analytics tools fell short, cost data generally resides in some other tool and it is not easy to get that data. But how said that Analytics was easy.   However, I am providing full data with cost so that we can continue with this post. Keep in mind that many analysts will continue without cost data. If you are one of them then stop and look for the campaign cost data.

Now the above view sort of mirrors what you are used to seeing in Google Adwords. 
So what do you think? Can we analyze this data and take some actions? This is what many web analysts end up doing.  Some will be brave enough to venture into segmenting by repeat v/s new visitors, mobile v/s non-mobile etc. If you are doing some kind of segmentation then you are already moving in the right direction.  However there is more….  I will write about that in my next part.  Meanwhile, let me hear from you.  What do you think?  Where should we focus? Is everything looking good? If not then, what is wrong with this campaign? What is your recommendation?
Part II coming soon.

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