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I wrote about Google and Behavioral Targeting extensively on this blog. Recently I found some examples of Targeting on Google Search engine and would like to share those with you.
Last Sunday I was looking at Keywords Report on Google Analytics for I saw a key phrase “bay area desi car buy” which drove few users to the site (Desi” is a term used by east Indians (India) to refer to each other). I got curious and went to Google to see where this site ranked on Google for this key phrase. As I was researching the keywords on Google, I noticed 3 types of paid ad targeting on Google Search Engine
1. Geo Targeting – Which we know that user allows it advertisers to do
2. In Session search targeting (I made up this term)
3. Combination of Geo and In-Session search targeting

I am going to show some screen shots that will show you these targeting in action

  1. Geo Targeting – I searched for “bay area car buy” (notice, I removed the word “desi” from the original query as it was not relevant to what I am going to show”.)

    1. Got paid ad related to my query “bay area car buy”
    2. I live in Seattle area and got an ad related to my geo-location as well.

  2. In-session Targeting – After seeing the above results I got curious about what other kind of targeting Google is doing so I changed my query to search for “Chicago Car Buy” and found

    1. A paid ads related my search query “Chicago Car Buy”.
    2. I also got paid ads related to my previous query “bay area car buy”.

    I confirmed that this was indeed happening by doing yet another search “Atlanta car buy”

  3. Combination of Geo and In-Session targeting – After my previous search on “Atlanta car buy” I went back to search again for “bay area car buy” and found
    1. An ad related to my query “bay area Car buy”
    2. An Ad related to my previous query “Atlanta Car buy”
    3. An ad related to my geo location “Seattle”

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